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  1. Hot air ballooning over Saint-Émilion <3 <3 I'm so jealous!! I am very keen on getting the Press for Champagne button for my office 🙂

  2. All great suggestions! That Press for Champagne button is great! If I weren’t hot air ballooning over Saint-Émilion on Friday, then I’d hop on the train and pop up to Champagne for the day. But I can still celebrate with a glass anyway!

  3. So glad to hear Allison! Can’t wait to hear what you get up to and yes champagne is on my mind every week too haha!

  4. So many options! I would just like to hop a plane to Bali, but… And the Champagne button, it better come with service! And if it does, it’s actually a deal! Popsicles, pancakes, a playlist, books…and I really want a coupe stack! I’m inspired to go check the cabinets, I might have coupes inherited from my parents somewhere!