Supporting Your Local Wineries in the Swan Valley

wine lovers unite at below and above winery at city wine yagan square perth
Wine lovers unite – there are many ways to support your local

We’re being presented with so many unknowns as each day passes. COVID-19 has taken over most of our conversations as we struggle to come to terms with “the new normal”.

Many small businesses, like our winemakers, are also being impacted by this new norm. But like many industries are paving the way for new innovations, teaching us a thing or two and making sure that their wine is available for everyone.

Panic Buying Leads to Innovation

Many wineries have turned to making sanitiser to help with shortages across the country including the Swan Valley Gin Co in the Swan Valley, Harris River Estate in Collie and Wise Wines in Margaret River.
Thank you to these wineries for helping us stay safe during these uncertain times.

Or if you have found yourself running low on toilet paper, Innocent Bystander may be able to help you out.

Now is the Time to Learn

There is no better time than now to learn about wine and the wine making process with many wineries moving their storytelling online.

Bryce and I spent some time on the couch this weekend watching Stephen at Upper Reach Winery take us on a Verdelho vertical tasting. Luckily, we live pretty close to the Swan Valley in Western Australia, so we stopped in (wine is an essential) and bought the 2019 and the 2014 Verdelho so we could taste alongside.

Bryce and I ready for vertical tasting Saturday afternoon in the comfort of our own home

You can watch the live stream online now (and keep an eye out for their upcoming live streams) or why not prepare for The Fruitful Pursuit Pyjama Party? Jump onto their website, purchase a 3-pack of wine to watch and enjoy an exclusive 45 min ‘iso session’ with the winemaker. The first party will be with WA locals L.S. Merchants on 24th April with many more to follow.

You could also learn a thing or two about your favourite wineries vintage or enjoy the many photos of these amazing small businesses in action.

Delivery is Always an Option

Since most of you are self-isolating (good on you), wineries are offering delivery and free delivery in some instances. Follow your favourite wineries online to see what isolation wine deals are on offer like this one from Sittella.

But if you want to catchup with your favourite cellar door staff, you still can. Although tastings aren’t currently available, you can visit the cellar door and purchase your wine, or why not use the drive-through service offered at Pandemonium to pick up a tipple?

Need a reason to open that bottle? Keep an eye on the blog for our recommended International Wine Days to Celebrate.

Small Businesses Need Our Help More Than Ever

Many traditional income methods have been put on hold for wineries, such as running functions, restaurant sales, offering tastings and allowing tours of their premises. Now more than ever wineries and winemaking businesses need our support.

Follow your favourite wine businesses online, buy that bottle, learn a new skill and keep self-isolating.

If you want to share the love about a winery who is doing something amazing during these times, please let us know in the comments below.

Stay safe everyone. Cheers.

Wine Holidays 2020 & 2021 – International Wine Days to Celebrate

Don’t you hate how it’s all of a sudden Global Cab Sauv or Chardonnay day and you are not prepared? I don’t know about you, but when it comes to this sort of thing I hate not being ready for it. Therefore, I have put together a list of important wine days to mark your calendars or you can print out my Wine Days infographic below.

I have mentioned the source (below infographic), just in case you come back and point the finger at me saying I made it up (it’s only Global Wine Day I can be thanked for).

There are not many wine appreciation days which are actually “official”. The majority of them have been started by die-hard fans or wine companies who’ve used social media to help spread the word.

I’ll add to this post as we go through the year in case any other ‘very important’ days pop up/are created. And hey, if they are celebrating a ‘national day’ in Europe or America, I don’t see why we can’t also celebrate in Australia and New Zealand too! Any excuse right?
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Goodwill Wine – Equal Measures of Quality and Philanthropy


Goodwill Wine feel good facts:

  • Goodwill Wine was established in 2009 with a $15, 000 Red Cross Bush fire recovery grant 
  • They support the Australian wine making industry by sourcing quality wine from source boutique vineyards across Australia’s premium wine regions
  • The online wine shop stocks over 20 different wines at any given time 
  • Goodwill Wine partners with 150 charities and not for profit organisations to donate 50% of its sales to help them continue their great work
  • A Certified Social Enterprise, it’s independently audited and donations to charities verified
  • All wine is 100 % vegan (learn more about vegan wine here)
  • 75% of their workforce are either long term unemployed or NDIS clients
  • Goodwill Wine has donated over $282,000 to over 300 charities to date

With Australians increasingly buying premium wines online, Australian social enterprise Goodwill Wine is selling high quality re-labelled wine to contribute to the good of the world. 

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