Swan Valley Wineries for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Swan Valley Restaurants

Now that the news is out that I’ve left Perth, it might make sense why I decided to do all 3 meals of the day; breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Swan Valley recently. We were flying at 11:30pm that night (I had only finished up my day job the day before) and we thought we better not waste our last 24 hours living in the Swan Valley.

Prior to attempting the task of all 3-meals in the Swan Valley in 1 day, I decided to put the feelers out on Facebook as to what everyone would do, if they were going to attempt the same feat. There were so many good responses, I wish I could have tried them all! Continue reading

Swan Valley Accommodation at Vineyards & More!

Swan Valley Accommodation

If you’re anything like me, the closer you can stay to wineries the better when on holiday. Even if you live in the same city/state as a specific wine region, sometime’s it’s best to turn your winery touring into a weekend or getaway – even if it’s only for a night or two it can be a much-needed escape. Or should I say wine-escape!

I have had quite a number of people contacting me about where to stay in the Swan Valley, and having just stayed at another Swan Valley accommodation option recently, I thought it was about time I put this blog post together. Continue reading

International Women’s Day: 8 Women in Wine to Follow

International Women's Day - Women in Wine to Follow Online

International Women’s Day (IWD) is being celebrated around the globe on the 8th of March. To celebrate, here at the TC headquarters we will no doubt be popping a few bottles, however, I also wanted to put together a blog post dedicated to all the women who work in the wine industry and also to all those lovely ladies who drink wine to support the industry (that’s most of us covered right?).

This is my way to say thank you for doing such an amazing job – you ladies bloody rock. Continue reading