2018 – 2019 International Wine Days of the Year

Don’t you hate how it’s all of a sudden Global Cab Sauv or Chardonnay day and you are not prepared? I don’t know about you, but when it comes to this sort of thing I hate not being ready for it. Therefore, I have put together a list of important wine days to mark your calendars or you can print out my Wine Days infographic below.

I have mentioned the source (below infographic), just in case you come back and point the finger at me saying I made it up (it’s only Global Wine Day I can be thanked for).

There are not many wine appreciation days which are actually “official”. The majority of them have been started by die-hard fans or wine companies who’ve used social media to help spread the word.

I’ll add to this post as we go through the year in case any other ‘very important’ days pop up/are created. And hey, if they are celebrating a ‘national day’ in Europe or America, I don’t see why we can’t also celebrate in Australia and New Zealand too! Any excuse right?

Skip straight to the 2019 Wine Days dates.

2018 Wine Days:




International Wine Days Calendar 2018 - Travelling Corkscrew


2019 Wine Days



  • 3 March 2019 – Mulled Wine Day
    • Celebrated every year on the 3rd of March




  • 8 June 2019 – National Rosé Day (second Saturday in June every year)
    • Official hashtag: #NationalRoséDay
    • The date is highly debatable for Rose Day, see August 14 for more info
  • 21 June 2019 – Lambrusco Day






If you know of any other important wine appreciation dates please let me know by leaving a comment below. And yes 2020 dates will be put up closer to the time. Cheers!

28 thoughts on “2018 – 2019 International Wine Days of the Year

  1. Thanks for providing the list of wine days to celebrate, very convenient. Just an FYI, there is a typo for March 2019.

  2. Thanks for your comment Maike and I am so glad you ended up finding my post :) Your International Cabernet Day sounded fantastic!! I’ll do some research regarding Syrah Day and see what I can dig up. Thanks for the heads up and cheers!

  3. I read about International Cabernet Day on facebook yesterday, googled it and ended up here :-) I live in Germany and of course, my family decided to join in the celebration. To make it even more international we had one bottle from South Africa and one from Chile. Thanks for the inspiration and your list! My husband was looking for a Shiraz Day. I found a facebook-post saying that International Syrah Day was on Feb 16th. Maybe you’d like to add this to your list. (I counldn’t really find out who started it though)

  4. What about National Rosé Day? It is the second Saturday of June. This year it is June 10, 2017. Is it an international declaration?

    National Rosé Day was submitted to and approved by the registrar of National Day Calendar in October of 2014 by Bodvár – House of Rosés – a Rosé House specializing in Rosé wines to raise awareness and give Rosé lovers a day to celebrate with “summer’s water”.

  5. Thanks for sharing this list of important holidays! One correction: Chardonnay Day is May 25th this year (2017); it is defined by creator Rick Bakas as the Thursday before Memorial Day (U.S.) each year (similar to #CabernetDay in the autumn). Cheers!

  6. Hmm…I’m seeing Chardonnay Day on May 21, and National Wine Day for May 25 in 2017…if Chard day changes as everyone says, then yes, it would be the 25th. Can anyone clarify?

  7. Rick Bakas, who actually created International Cabernet Day back in 2010, says it’s the Thursday before Labor Day meaning Thursday 1st September this year, FYI.

  8. International Chardonnay Day is the Thursday before the last Monday in May (Thursday before American Memorial Day), so it will be May 25 in 2017.

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