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  1. Hi Casey! Hallo in 2024! Seems, the calendar was updated in 2023 last time. So, fresh tips …
    Already mentioned, the Word Verdejo Day, held on the 2nd Friday of every June – 14 June 2024. See links:
    The new ‘finding’ is the Mourvedre Day celebration on May 21st 2024, which is, let say, in collision with the World Chardonnay Day … or, it is not collision. See link:
    And a notice: International Rosé Day is 28 June 2024 as this is 4th Friday, not 22.06.2024.
    Best regards

  2. Hi Casey! Hallo in 2024!
    Please find, let say ‘more confusion’ for 21 May, which has already been announced the World Chardonnay Day and 2 days before the International Chardonnay Day, as I’ve noticed the same date the Mourvèdre Day. See link below: .
    Good wine! Known also as monastrell or mataro.
    And for the World Verdejo Day: this year on 14 June (2nd Friday of every June):
    Best regards

  3. Hi Casey! Look at this:
    9 June – World Verdejo Day – Held on the second Friday of every June #WorldVerdejoDay
    Best regards

  4. Hi Jan,

    Thanks for those, I’ll do some research and see if I can dig a bit deeper into them 🙂

    Cheers for the heads up!


  5. Thanks for highlighting Deb – the link has now been updated for Vranec World Day 🙂

    I’ll check out those days and look to add them. Thank you!

  6. Hi Casey! Hallo in 2022!
    The ‘almost dry’ January has already passed and looking at February I noticed, the 16th February International Syrah Day has been missed … I know the 28 July is Shiraz Day but this is so important variety, that worth to be celebrated at any opportunity. Isn’t it so?
    And please find some interesting tips to review for March:
    03 March – Nebbiolo Day /3rd edition/ – I haven’t recognized well the origin of this celebration but the grape variety is for sure very important for winelovers!
    21 March – Vermouth Day – seem to be the 2nd edition in 2022
    The Vermouth celebration has also a competitive date 15 May, ‘La Hora del Vermut’; see link:
    Best regards

  7. What is Vranec World Day on 10/5 (link did not work)

    Noticed some days missing that were on 2021 calendar:
    May 27 – Languedoc Day
    Oct 22 – Austrian Sekt (Sparkling) Day
    Nov 17 – Zinfandel Day

  8. Great page and site Casey! Do you happen to have a list of any official International Wine Months? I select wines for a monthly wine club in the States and I love organizing them around themes. Thanks!

  9. Hi Jan, oh I do like the sound of Riesling Weeks – I am 100% behind that!!! I haven’t noticed many events here in Australia specifically for German wines. It would be nice though as I love German wines and attended a fabulous tasting in London quite a number of years back. And no I also haven’t had the chance to taste Ezerjó 🙁

  10. Hi Casey,
    I know, ‘International Riesling Day’ is March 13 … but in Poland dated 01.06.2021-31.07.2021 (!) the office of the Deutsches Weininstitut (German Wine Institute) is arranging and supporting promotions and events of “Riesling Weeks”, which is the part of an overall promotion of german wines.
    Warm summer, chilled riesling … why not!
    Have You met any similar events for german wines in Your country?
    Best regards

    Have You any opportunity to taste Ezerjó meanwhile?

  11. Hi Casey! Renata is right for Port Wine September 10:

    And as we have May, let add not only for the Pinot Grigio enthusiasts, the (seems to be) italian-american initiative of May 17 the National Pinot Grigio Day:
    (Pinot grigio, Pinot gris, Grauburgunder, Ruländer, Rulandské šedé, Szürkebarát, … Tokay d’Alsace (!))

    Best regards

  12. Hey how do you print this without screen grabbing? When I select print off google chrome your ad is covering the content.

  13. Hi Casey! This has already been noticed …
    The World Lambrusco Day is June 21st … not 11th.
    But as the link is showing, it’s 11th World Lambrusco Day this year.
    Greets from Poland

  14. Hey, Casey. What about Port Wine Day, from Portugal? September, 10 🙂 Cheers…

  15. Also, International Prokupac Day has been celebrated for 6 years already… Prokupac is the flagship grape of Serbia … #ProkupacDay is celebrated always on 14th October

  16. Hi Casey,
    Was just checking on the upcoming days to see what I had to look forward to while in lock-down and noticed an error. World Lambrusco Day is on the 20th June, 2020 according to their Twitter feed.
    Happy Malbec drinking for today though… 🙂

  17. Hi Sacha, thank you so much for that – I am going to update it right now – most appreciated 🙂 Cheers, Casey

  18. The Wine Geek’s International Rose Day on the 14th August is no longer promoted and your website link goes to an error page.
    The National Rose Day on the 2nd Saturday in June is only celebrated in the USA and is more of a promo for the Bodvar brand.
    However the Organisation Internationale du Rose have launched an International Rose Day on the fourth Friday of June each year. Perhaps this is more relevant to everyone?
    See more info below:

    Time to update your list again perhaps? 🙂

  19. Casey Thank you!)
    Carignan Renaissance has proclaimed the last Thursday of October to be Carignan Day.

  20. Thanks for providing the list of wine days to celebrate, very convenient. Just an FYI, there is a typo for March 2019.

  21. Thanks for your comment Maike and I am so glad you ended up finding my post 🙂 Your International Cabernet Day sounded fantastic!! I’ll do some research regarding Syrah Day and see what I can dig up. Thanks for the heads up and cheers!

  22. I read about International Cabernet Day on facebook yesterday, googled it and ended up here 🙂 I live in Germany and of course, my family decided to join in the celebration. To make it even more international we had one bottle from South Africa and one from Chile. Thanks for the inspiration and your list! My husband was looking for a Shiraz Day. I found a facebook-post saying that International Syrah Day was on Feb 16th. Maybe you’d like to add this to your list. (I counldn’t really find out who started it though)

  23. Oh my, how terrible of me not to already have that on the list! Thanks for much for that JME – adding it now 🙂

  24. What about National Rosé Day? It is the second Saturday of June. This year it is June 10, 2017. Is it an international declaration?

    National Rosé Day was submitted to and approved by the registrar of National Day Calendar in October of 2014 by Bodvár – House of Rosés – a Rosé House specializing in Rosé wines to raise awareness and give Rosé lovers a day to celebrate with “summer’s water”.

  25. Thanks for sharing this list of important holidays! One correction: Chardonnay Day is May 25th this year (2017); it is defined by creator Rick Bakas as the Thursday before Memorial Day (U.S.) each year (similar to #CabernetDay in the autumn). Cheers!

  26. Hmm…I’m seeing Chardonnay Day on May 21, and National Wine Day for May 25 in 2017…if Chard day changes as everyone says, then yes, it would be the 25th. Can anyone clarify?

  27. Hey Casey! Do you know if all these days are the same each year or if they change? Or are you looking at putting together a 2017 list at all?

  28. Rick Bakas, who actually created International Cabernet Day back in 2010, says it’s the Thursday before Labor Day meaning Thursday 1st September this year, FYI.

  29. International Chardonnay Day is the Thursday before the last Monday in May (Thursday before American Memorial Day), so it will be May 25 in 2017.