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  1. Haha love it Allison!! The blind tasting idea is gold – definitely a great way to get people away from judging a vino before they taste it 🙂

  2. Preach! We love Chardonnay and literally just finished a tasting note on a lovely “oaky” chardonnay where we say “ABCs be damned”! Best thing we’ve done with those people is blind taste them…amazing how much people like it a lot when they don’t know it’s chard. Like every Grape, there is a huge spectrum and you’ve described it beautifully! Cheers!

  3. My thoughts exactly Pamela! Thanks for stopping by – will check out your ABC article today 🙂

  4. Great overview of ABC!! Agreed, Chardonnay often gets a bad wrap. Its not the grape to blame, but the techniques used to make the wine…and if you don’t like buttery whites, don’t drink them. And if you don’t like austere styles, don’t drink them. There are so many styles to appease everyone!

  5. As long as you’re open to giving them a taste then that’s the most important thing! I’ll have to hunt out a Millbrook Chard – thanks for the heads up Amanda ??

  6. You sound like me Jamie! I can’t get enough of the stuff. There’s some great Chardy’s coming out of the Great Southern – I must get my hands on some of the Estate 807 Chard now, their Rieslings are awesome!

  7. Glad to hear you enjoyed the post Stuart. Yes there are so many Chardy haters out there, purely because they’ve tried one bad egg most of the time too! The amount of people I meet who aren’t shy about expressing their distaste for Chard only to find out it’s a big part of what makes up Champagne – the shock on their faces is priceless ?

  8. I LOVE my Gilbert’s Handpicked Chardy. Although I wasn’t always a fan, I never used to like Chardonnay until I did a tasting at Estate 807 in Denmark and tasted their 2011 Estate Grown Chardonnay, after telling the lovely man at the cellar door I did not like Chardonnay’s I had a taste and suddenly I was in love! So creamy and oaky and delicious. I am now converted and Chardy is my wine of choice these days!

  9. As a committed oaked to the brim Chardonnay drinker I can’t believe how many people say, ‘Oh, I don’t touch Chardonnay’ only to be surprised when they taste a couple of the wildly varied choices and find the actually do like Chardonnay of a certain style. Admittedly it is rarely the full oaked ones, but, horses for courses. Loved the write up, very informative. I agree with the warmer is better especially when it’s a heavier vintage.