What wines to drink this Spring

Spring is in the air and I’m in the mood for wine! I have to admit I feel like wine 365 days a year but there is just something about those longer & warmer days that set my taste buds on hyper-wine-drive.

So here are some of favourite wines to be drinking this Spring:

  • New release sparkling wines – In October Sittella in the Swan Valley released two new sparkling wines. One is a Blanc de Blanc style (made only from Chardonnay grapes) the other is a Rose (made from Chardonnay & Pinot Noir). The grapes for these sparklings all come from Pemberton in the South of Western Australia. The Blanc de Blanc is refreshing, crisp and vibrant while the Rose is delicate and elegant. Both sell for $28 – click here to read my tasting notes.
  • Moscato & gin – Evans & Tate Classic Pink Moscato and Tanqueray gin – with a squeeze of lime. Talk about summer in a glass. The Moscato sits at 8%abv so adding a shot or two of gin to it just takes it to that next level. With a touch of spritz and a bit of garnish you’ll be feeling like you’re lazing on a tropical beach in no time – read my tasting note here.
  • Sparkling Grenache – I love Tyler’s Vineyard sparkling, it’s a bubbly beauty. It has finesse and elegance yet a firm structure. The colour too is simply gorgeous. It is also fairly exclusive, only being sold from the unique cellar door in the Swan Valley. Read my tasting note here.
  • Verdelho – Tis the season! This unique little grape thrives in the Swan Valley & it is growing on me – to the point that at least 50% of the whites in my wine rack are made from the Verdelho grape varitety. Verdelho is a bit of an underdog in the wine world. It is an aromatic and full bodied white wine that can be enjoyed young or can age. It can be a bit of a rascal to grow. However when it is made well you’ll find that both lovers of dry complex wines and fruity softer wines will enjoy them. Viva Verdleho is taking place on the 10th of November where you can taste some of the Valley’s best Verdelho’s matched with food – see last weeks post for more details!
  • Pink Chardonnay – This pretty Oakover wine is spring in a glass. It is pretty, aromatic and most importantly tantilises the taste buds. For those of you who like packaging, it has an awesome label too! Whoever says that Chardonnay is so 1990’s or only for Kath & Kim fans then you are so wrong – this is the Chardy of the season. Read my tasting note here.
  • Barton Jones Wines – I just love the new labels on the Barton Jones wines, they simply ooze Spring! The floral design is super fun and cute, whether it be a white or red these babies will look darn good on the Sunday brunch table and they’ll make perfect gifts!

Please leave a comment below if you have any other fantastic Springtime wine suggestions.

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