Disclosure policy

Travelling Corkscrew is an advertising and PR friendly wine, food and travel blog. So you may find some advertisements and sponsored blog posts where I have been compensated by way of products, event invitations, complimentary meals or payments. When I have been compensated I will always indicate this in the blog post. Whether my experiences are personally paid for or sponsored by an advertiser, I share my experiences in a truthful and constructive (pro-con) format. My opinions are my own. Only businesses I find relevant for the Travelling Corkscrew readers will be featured on travellingcorkscrew.com

Images on Travelling Corkscrew blog & social media channels:

I would love to share my photos with you, however I ask that you please send me a quick email (casey@travellingcorkscrew.com) to let me know the URL of where the image will be placed and that you credit travellingcorkscrew.com as the source (please see below for an example).

Guest Blog Posts:

Travelling Corkscrew is open to guest blog posts as long as they are relevant and appeal to my readers, please send all pitches through to me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. casey@travellingcorkscrew.com

Hashtag disclosures:

#sponsored – This will be a post where I have been given a product/invited to an event in exchange for a blog post or mention.
#paid –
This will be a post/mention that I received a payment for.
#gifted or #invited
– This post/mention will contain something I have been gifted. It may be a product, event invitation or something else that I did not pay for. These items receive no guarantee of coverage. I only share these items if I feel the TC audience would find interesting.

Image sourced from https://travellingcorkscrew.com.au

Image sourced from https://travellingcorkscrew.com.au