Biodynamic Wine – Cow Horns & The Cosmos

biodynamic wine australiaRecently a few of my fellow wine blogger friends around the world have been writing about biodynamic wine (see links at the bottom of this post). After reading some of their posts it got me thinking about biodynamic wine in Australia and what the TC readership thinks about it.

If you follow the TC social channels then you may have seen me sparking up conversations on the topic. It’s a topic that people have positive and negative opinions about. Continue reading

Wine Blind Taste Test: Pick the Red Wine of the Year 2018 Winner

Cellarmasters Wine of the Year blind tastingWho knew you could have so much fun with paper bags! Have you ever thought about throwing a blind tasting wine party for your friends? If you haven’t even done one, it is some serious fun. Mr. Spittoon and I have thrown a number of blind tasting parties over the years, to the point that our friends continue to ask us when the next one is. Continue reading