Your Guide to the Best Wine Apps for Android & iOS

Wine Apps iOS & AndroidI have been meaning to write this post for some time now as I’m always asked by people what wine app is the best to use. The only thing is, I can’t say an app is good until I have given it a thorough trial run. So over the past year I have downloaded apps, some have been pretty much left untouched and others I continue to use. So what wine app would I recommend?

It’s a tricky question really as for me, I typically use wine apps to record what I have tasted and my tasting notes. However there are various wine apps you can download for different reasons..

What are the different types of wine apps?

  1. Wine reviews (e.g. Vivino, Vinus, Delectable, Tipple)
  2. Searching for wine prices and retailers (e.g. Wine-Searcher, Vinloco)
  3. Buying wine (e.g. Naked Wines, Vivino, Vinus & most of them!)
  4. Help choosing a wine based on taste/ocassion/food etc (e.g. Hello Vino)
  5. Managing your wine collection/cellar (e.g., CellarTracker)
  6. Multi-use (e.g. My Wine World)

As mentioned above, I pretty much use apps for recording my tasting notes and seeing what others are writing about wines. It’s interesting to keep a log of what you taste to see what you drink a lot of and what you don’t. Plus, don’t you hate when you have the most amazing wine but cannot remember anything other than ‘there was a bird on the label and it started with M’? I hate when people tell me stories like that about an amazing wine they’ve tasted but have no idea what it was!

I also want to point out that I don’t use all the features available in each of the below apps, just what I need so bear in mind there’s probably more awesomeness to the app than I mention here.

Theses are the 2 free wine apps I use regularly:

Vivino Wine Scanner

This was one of the very first wine apps I downloaded – I have a few qualms with it but I still can’t let it go as there are a lot of positives to it. Plus with its updates the app gets better and better.


  • Vivino Wine App - Profile PageView ratings, reviews and prices based on uploading/taking a photo of a wine or wine list
  • You can like and comment on your friends wines
  • You can easily find how many wines you’ve rated
  • You receive badges for trying different types of wines from different places and the amount of wines you’ve tried
  • Your taste profile (see what you drink regularly broken down by grape varietal + region)
  • You receive a rank in your country for your interaction with the app (i.e. how big of a wino you are – looks like I’m doing pretty well at 33 in AU!)
  • You can go back and edit your review and any details at a later date if you need to
  • If you pay and upgrade to premium you can see expert ratings as well as use the cellar management feature ($80 a year)


  • If the app cannot recognise your wine off your picture then you have to enter all the details in manually, which can be a bit of a ball buster if you just want to write your tasting note
  • I’m still not a fan of giving ratings, I wish you could have a choice to rate it or not. I find a comment is sufficient bearing in mind how subjective wine tasting can be. At least it’s just a star system but still.. (check out my post here on why I don’t like to rate or score wines)

Grab it on Android or iOS

Delectable Wines – Wine Scanner, Ratings & Reviews

I downloaded this as I noticed many winos in Perth were using it. So it’s great to keep in touch with what everyone around me is drinking.


  • Delectable Wine App - Profile PageView ratings, reviews and prices based on uploading/taking a photo of a wine
  • You can like and comment on your friends wines alongside tagging friends and locations
  • You can easily find how many wines you’ve rated
  • If the app can’t/wrongly identifies your wine you can submit it for a manual review which I’ve found typically takes less than an hour and in the meantime you can still put in your tasting note in the moment
  • If you don’t touch the rating bar when putting in your review it won’t give an out of 10 rating, for me this works!
  • Taste Insights
  • You can go back and edit your review and any details at a later date if you need to

Grab it on Android or iOS

More popular wine apps to consider

There are a number of other wine apps I’d like to mention as despite not using them as regularly as the above, I do jump in them every now and then to have a look:

Hello Vino app

Hello Vino Wine AppI love this American app for the food and wine matching section. For instance you can work out what wine will go best with your meal, the recommended wine for a certain occasion and more! It’s so detailed and full of so many suggestions of pairings for everything from seafood paella to pepperoni pizza and even devilled eggs!

Grab this app on Android or iOS

Vinloco app

Vinloco Wine AppRelatively new on the scene, this Aussie app will help you not get ripped off when buying wine. Simply scan the barcode or search by the wines name and it’ll tell you if paying $30 for that bottle is good value or not

Grab it on Android or iOS

Wine-Searcher app

wine-searcher-appMost of you will probably be familiar with – this is their app. It will help you pull a ton of info on a particular wine such as expert ratings, grape varieties, and from where and for how much you can by a wine. GPS data will even find the closest bottlo to you with it.

You can find, compare and buy wine through the app alongside having the ability to scan a label and find info on over 8 million wines from 55,000 merchants around the globe. You can add pictures and/or ratings for wines you have consumed to help remind you down the track what you like and dislike – plus you can see what others using the app think of certain wines too.

Grab it on Android or iOS

CellarTracker app

A few years ago I was using the desktop version to manage my wine cellar in NZ. It’s a pretty straight forward app to keep track of your wine collection.

Grab it on Android or iOS

Naked Wines

If you’re part of the Naked Wines club in Australia then I’d suggest you jump onboard with their app. You can order through the app and also rate the wines as you drink them.

Grab it on Android or iOS

Of course there are tons more awesome wine apps out there, all with their own unique qualities. If you have a favourite wine app, make sure to leave a comment below about why it is so darn good so the rest of us are in the know too 🙂

15 thoughts on “Your Guide to the Best Wine Apps for Android & iOS

  1. I didn’t realise they aggregate taste comments Tony, that’s good to know. It’s also good to see they are continually improving the app, which I love 🙂 Thanks for your insights!

  2. Vivino does offer to manually ID labels that it can’t automagically match up. I had that happen a couple of times – half and hour or so and the label is matched to an entry.

    I tend to disagree about the ratings thing – it does provide an aggregate index of perceived quality and that is useful when standing in the bottle shop. The downside to reviews is that people have wildly divergent tasting abilities … both in what they taste and in how able they are to describe it. I’ve lost count of the Vivino entries where the same wine is described as “mild” and “powerful” or “dry” and, well, not-dry. Also the *really* helpful and descriptive reviewer … “fruity I liked it” … nonsense. Grrrrr….

    A low signal-to-noise ratio is the bane of all review-driven apps. Vivino is adding to their UI so they aggregate taste comments like eg “75% of reviews mentioned oak” which is an interesting move to try and extract data from the noise.

  3. Thanks for the summaries. I am going to have to try a couple of these out. I love cellartracker. However, I tend to have trouble remembering to note that I drank the bottle. 🙂

  4. Ah, you hit my sweet spot, mobile apps and wine! I spend my day job consulting and building services for mobile apps…and by night I drink wine 🙂 I’ve tried many of the apps out but they are still missing the wow factor for me. They all have nuances of cool stuff but I long for more. I want something that shakes things up like Uber!

  5. I have the Delectable App. They were just purchased by Antonio Galloni’s Vinous (not to be confused with the Vinus app), so we will see if it changes at all. I like it for keeping track of wines and I do love the manual review feature, which is very helpful and quicker than you would imagine.

    I feel like I tried Hello Vino at some point, but it’s not on my phone now. I may give it another shot for a quick food pairing app.

    And I, like you, really wish I could avoid the rating.

    Thanks for all the insights!

  6. Here’s the best app Casey!

    Wineosphere…only available on IOS, but the best feature is when you are in a wine shop, you can scan the bottles bar code and up pops a review of the wine from the likes of Gary Walsh Campbell Mattinson and Mike Bennie. There is thousands of reviews and also a community where you can post your own thoughts on the wine you are drinking and comment on others

    oh and if ever you get the chance, grab the Book, The Wine Hunter by Campbell Mattinson….you won’t put it down.



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