Product Testing the Coravin Wine Preservation System

I’m seriously wine geeking out right now. I have just finished trying out the Coravin Wine Preservation System and I am in love! In fact, I am holding myself back from not going through and taking a sample from all the bottles in my cellar right now.

I was kindly sent a Coravin Model 6 this week to product test by the team at Coravin and Tide PR. Thank you so much!

I recorded my first 2 times using the Coravin below to take you through a bit more about this revolutionary product alongside showing you how it works on both a wine bottle closed with a natural cork and a bottle closed with a screw cap.

I am no videographer nor great on camera, however, I hope you enjoy these videos. Excuse the numerous ‘ummms’ and the cats who just had to be part of the videos too. Haha!

Opening a cork closed bottle with a Coravin Video:

Opening a screw cap closed bottle with a Coravin Video:

More about the Coravin:

As I mention in the videos, this product is going to be revolutionary for my wine blogging hobby as it means I can taste wines over periods of time, which is darn exciting. It also means I can do a tasting of numerous bottles of wine and then keep them in pristine condition to fully enjoy at a later date.

How long will Coravin keep wine?

Coravin says that when the wine preservation system is used properly on a bottle with a natural cork, the wine will age in the same way as if the Coravin wasn’t used. Pretty darn impressive right!

On a bottle that is under a screwcap, the system will help preserve the wine for up to 3 months.

Does the Coravin really work?

I know a lot of wine companies and experts who use Coravins therefore I had no doubt before receiving this product about it working. And from my experience so far, it works perfectly. I am so excited to use it over the coming months and years to revisit bottles.

How much is a Coravin and are they worth it?

Coravin’s start from around AU$380 and in my opinion they are 100% worth it. Yes, mine was a media sample, however, after using it, I was converted. A very practical and smart piece of technology for wine lovers, especially those who are into cellaring wine.

How many times can you Coravin a bottle?

According to the Coravin website, a Coravin with a standard needle can be used on a standard bottle up to approximately 25 times.

Do you have a question about the Coravin? Drop them below and I’ll do my best to give you an answer 🙂

4 thoughts on “Product Testing the Coravin Wine Preservation System

  1. Thanks for popping by the blog Robin to have a read and watch! And for the great feedback 🙂 The cats do love to make an appearance whenever I do a video recording however they were quite well behaved this time surprisingly. Stay tuned for more of my Coravin adventures. I am a bit addicted to the device now, I want to sample everything 🙂

  2. I completely agree, such a good tool for wineries – especially so they can check on how their wines are ageing over time. Thanks for popping by the blog to take a read 🙂

  3. Great videos! I was so nervous right along with you! I had no idea that they also had the separate caps for screw caps. That is amazing. You definitely will need to stock up on those.

    You feline supervisors seemed relatively unimpressed, but I was!

    You are adorable and so relatable as always. Thanks so much for the step by step instruction. I was scared by the price of the Coravin, but this may have me rethinking that. I can see how amazing it will be for your blog, being able to taste a wine at several points as it ages.

    I hope you had an amazing lunch with those wines!

  4. Lucky you! We see these being used more and more — such a great system particularly for wineries who can provide tastings of their back vintages much more easily.

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