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  1. Hi Alan,

    Many thanks for your message and I hope you enjoy your upcoming visit to Dili! Unfortunately I am not too sure if Black Rock is still there. I wrote this post in 2014 about our visit, so things may have changed since then. Sorry I cannot be of more help, however maybe try to find a forum or expat Facebook group – they might be able to help.


  2. nice work , will being going over there soon and will difinately go to black rock for food and drinks with my wife, we used to live in black rock in melbourne, live in mission beach nth queensland now as retired , tried to e mail the resort that has black rock retaurant, but e mail address is not valid , would you know there e-mail address as would like to book accomadation there,. thanks alan

  3. Thanks George, I am glad you enjoyed the post. I didn’t realise about the customs tag, that’s a great tip! If we get to travel again at some point (fingers crossed), I’ll be sure to keep this tip in mind 🙂

  4. Useful post! In some other warm countries such as Colombia, there’s luckily a customs tag with the customs processing date on each bottle and that also helps to find the freshest bottles in the shop. It’s still a bit of a gamble, tho!

  5. Thanks for popping by the blog! It was definitely an interesting experience in Dili. Sorry, I can’t quite remember how the prices were!