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Jane Brook Sparkling Gold Chenin Blanc

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I can’t think of a better wine to celebrate Christmas Day with and end my ‘The 25 Swan Valley Sparkling Wines of Christmas’ advent calendar! This beautiful bottle sells for $65 at the cellar door, it is a NV sparkling Chenin Blanc with a twist! That twist is that it is full of 23-carat gold leaf floating so beautifully through the wine. Trust me, you feel like a million bucks when drinking this gold elixir.

I was actually surprised by how many gold flecks there are in the bottle. When opening a wine with gold leaf in, be sure to gently tip it upside down before pouring so the gold leaf mixes into the wine instead of sitting at the bottom of the bottle. Also when pouring the glasses, tip a bit in each and continue until all the glasses are full so everyone gets a good share of the glitz and glamour!

Tasting Note – Sparkling Wine With Gold Flakes

Brilliant bright yellow-gold shade on the eye with lovely big gold flecks swimming through the bubbles. On the nose it has crisp notes of citrus, particularly slightly charred orange, daisies, toast and a touch of caramel. On the palate it is just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside, pretty, elegant and easy drinking with lovely flavours of crisp granny smith apples. Both Mr. Spittoon and I loved sipping on this!!
Jane Brook Sparkling Gold Chenin Blanc - Gold Leaf in Glass

Christmas Special

Jane Brook has a fantastic array of gifts and gift experiences on offer at the cellar door if you’re looking for a little something different to do over the festive season or as a gift (it may be a bit late, but I’m sure whoever is getting the gift will still love it!). As well as gift vouchers you can opt for one-of-a-kind food and wine experiences at the cellar door such as a Sparkling High Tea or Sparkling Gold High Tea (sparkling wine with gold flakes in!) or why not take someone along for a meal at the cellar door and tasting! You can find out more and book online here.

About Jane Brook Estate in the Swan Valley

I like the tagline for Jane Brook, “The family-run winery that puts excellence in a bottle”. As they put it, ‘wine has been running through our veins for over 40 years now’, this beautiful Swan Valley estate is owned and run by the Atkinson family.

The last time I was out at the winery, I noticed a huge solar panel in the vines and after a bit of investigation I found out the Jane Brook put a lot of emphasis on sustainable practices. It is fabulous to see that wineries are putting emphasis on taking care of the land that literally grows their wonderful products. There are various energy-saving, recycling and sustainability practices put into place in the vineyard and winery.

Jane Brook also produces a lot of products which you’ll find on their platters and at the Sparkling High Teas.
Jane Brook Sparkling Gold Chenin Blanc - Gold Leaf in Swarovski Glass

Want to know more about Jane Brook Estate?

Jane Brook Estate in the Swan Valley

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