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  1. Seek and tired of Shiraz all around I picked up a bottle of Duriff in Aldi some years ago. I knew nothing about it and chose it because of the colour. Inky dark, “this cannot disappoint” I thought to myself.
    And I was right! It was love from the first glass.
    I was surprised to find out that it one of those lesser known wines. Definitely not a mainstream. But doesn’t really matter. It’s a gem nevertheless.

  2. I love de Bortoli Deen Cheap and wonderful I’m now on 2017 vintage but was able to purchase 2016 until August this year

  3. So glad to hear you’ve discovered the wonderful world of Durif Mick! I hope you get the chance to try some of the above, you’ll be a Durif addict (in a good way, not an AA way!) before you know it!!

  4. Hi Casey,

    Thank you for the excellent write up on Durif wines. My own adventure with this variety began when I discovered this (a bottle of Gossips Durif) purely by chance at my local Dan Murphy’s one evening after work. I’ll admit that I was initially drawn to it because of the price, but much to my surprise, the experience far exceeded my (very low) expectations. I’d be keen to try the others from the aforementioned vineyards now, thanks to the list you’ve provided. Cheers!