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  1. Thank you for the lovely feedback Leanne! I have to admit it’s great to have all the options in the one spot, even for my own reference 🙂

    To be honest with you, no I haven’t seen a port wine advent calendar on the market here in Australia. I presume for the reason you mentioned, it just doesn’t have the popularity. I am sure in the years to come you’ll probably see some emerge on the market though. In the meantime you may have to DIY and create your own, could that be a viable option perhaps?

    I hope this helps somewhat! Cheers, Casey

  2. How wonderful that you have listed all of the wine advent calendars available in Australia this year in one place! Along with links to buy them also!
    Wine gift giving made easy!
    I love the idea of adult advent calendars, why should kiddies get all of the Christmas fun and excitement?!
    I searched for alcohol advent calendars a month or so ago and don’t think I found any others in Australia that you haven’t listed. However, what I have been trying to find is a Port wine advent calendar for my father and I am having no luck whatsoever!
    The only Port wine advent calendars that I can find are from a site in the UK. They do one at a very reasonable price and another for those with more of an expensive taste!
    The problem is that although they ship worldwide, they will not ship the Port wine advent calendars outside of mainland UK. So disappointing.
    Maybe Port isn’t as popular a drink here in Australia?
    I just thought that I would comment here in case you know of something I am missing. What with you being the wine expert and all! ?
    Really great blog, by the way.

  3. Hi Elisabeth,

    Thanks for popping by the blog and your feedback, it’s great to hear this post was useful to you! I think that is a fantastic idea to surprise your kids with an advent calendar – what a wonderful mum you are!

    Have a Merry Christmas too!


  4. Hi Casey, love your blog on Advent calendars, I’m a tea drinker these days, but my children like a drop of wine. I’m going to get them all a surprise wine advent for December. They’re also getting a pork crackling advent from the UK….a snack to go with the taste test 🙂
    Your info on the choices available in Australia was very helpful. Thank you.
    And have a very Merry Xmas

  5. Thanks Casey 🙂 I just put my order in…Going to have to dig a cellar in the backyard the way I’m going at the moment haha!

  6. Thanks for the kind words Jen! Nope, I am pretty sure you can order TWG Advent Calendar as a one-off – I love these guys so I am sure this special Xmas offer they have will be extra fab (I am so keen to hear about what the little extra surprises are in the pack too!). I’d highly recommend it!

  7. I love this idea – and the blog! Thank you 🙂 Do you have to be a member of the wine gallery to order the advent calendar? Thanks again!