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  1. Exactly Jill! I recently drank a bottle of 2004 Bolli out of regular wine glasses (as that’s all we had on hand) and I definitely think I had a different experience than if I was drinking out of a flute. Definitely love my coupe glasses though, there is something ‘sexy’ about them 🙂

  2. The vintage glasses certainly seem like the best of both worlds. I agree with the beauty of the flute, but for getting “in there” to take in everything about the wine, we need more room. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Anything with a decent amount of lees ageing or Pinot Noir content goes in a white wine glass at my house; simpler fizz goes in Riedel Overture flutes !

  4. I desperately want some of the half half style glasses – like shorter wider flutes that allow for more aromatics but also the bubble effect.
    Otherwise, if I am drinking anything that has has time on lees I definitely want a glass, not a flute. I have drunk far too many gorgeous, expensive Champagnes that I have not tasted properly from a flute.