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1017722_474838665978812_1426515254_nChampagne, bubbles, sparkling wine, fizz – it’s the good stuff. I will never forget my first sip of French Champagne, it blew my mind how it danced across my palate.  It is that special occasion wine and I simply cannot get enough of it!

Kripta Cava Spain in a shoeI remember drinking the elite Spanish Cava – Kripta by Agusti Torello Mata in a guesthouse in Madrid and having to use a shoe as a bottle stand due to the bottles round bottom. I remember sipping on Pol Roger NV for the first time when I was 18 at one of my first jobs at a bottle shop in Auckland city. I remember sipping on Veuve Clicquot at the Champagne house in Reims after running a few kilometers from the train station to meet our appointment…

I have so many memories attached to sparkling wines and oh how I love to reminisce and tell my stories! After traveling through the Spanish Penedes, I met the lovely folk from Wine Pleasures who I noticed kept all of those tin caps that sit on top of the Champagne corks. I thought this was a fabulous idea as you’ll notice all Champagnes and a lot of sparkling wines have different designs on the caps. So from this point I began a collection.

The collection kept growing bigger and for a long time I have been wondering what to do with them. This was when I came across the stunning Champagne cap inspired jewellery – Wearing Memories.

Wearing Memories is a 100% Australian made and designed range of jewellery specifically to hold Champagne caps. Each stunning piece comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the lovely designer Kiron. As I went for the cocktail ring my certificate of authenticity clearly stated the piece has a 100% guarantee it is sterling silver. The pieces come with an exclusive 12 month guarantee on quality and workmanship.

Wearing Memories Champagne Jewellery Cocktail Ring

What I love is that the jewellery pieces are like lockets where you can interchange the Champagne caps. With all the gorgeous caps out there you can change your cap as frequently as you like. I love matching my ring to my outfit for the day – however I usually choose the Champagne cap first and then proceed to pick my outfit. Champagne first, fashion second.

When you receive a piece of Wearing Memories jewellery you are invited to share Kiron’s story. I love how she suggests to use a sharpie to write the date on the back of the Champagne caps, what a fantastic memory and one that you can take with you anywhere.

The only bad thing about the Wearing Memories range is that you’ll fall in love with every single piece – I am ever so slowly saving for my next piece – from pearls to silver to real leather cow and kangaroo hide designed pieces, you and your Champagne caps are spoilt for choice!

For more information please check out the Wearing Memories website, or Facebook page or find them on twitter!

To see more of my memories, please check out my dedicated Wearing Memories Facebook album.

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