Wine Security: Keep Your Wine Locked & Safe From Others!

Wine Bottle SecurityRecently I organised for my office (yes I have a real job! I, unfortunately, don’t just drink wine every day!) to go out to the Swan Valley and visit a few wineries on a Friday. On this tour, one of my workmates, in particular, loved the wines at Sittella and decided to stock up her collection. This was definitely good to see, however on Monday the horror story I heard was shockingly sad. Continue reading

5 Reasons It’s Definitely Best to Drink Wine Before Noon

5 Reasons It's Best to Drink Wine Before NoonMost people are familiar with the term ‘day drinking’ and in my opinion people either love it or hate it.

Basically, the term means drinking before the sun goes down, and for those under 30 – drinking copious amounts and being in bed by 6pm (I’m not admitting that this may or may not be based on a personal experience).

It’s very common in summer as all that vitamin D seems to make you crave a crisp glass of wine. However today on the blog I specifically want to talk about drinking before noon, yes, before 12pm and why I think it’s good. I can already hear some of you gasping from here, don’t be scared, read on…
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9 Times When It’s Totally Okay to Drink Wine by Yourself

9 Times When It's Totally Okay to drink wine by yourselfDrinking any sort of alcoholic beverage on your own has a certain stigma around it. Alcohol is a social drink, especially when it comes to a bottle of wine. If you’re drinking on your own then you must be either depressed or turning into an alcoholic according to many people. This can be true in some cases (we encourage you to seek professional help immediately) but there are also times in my opinion when it’s totally okay to have a wee vino by yourself. Continue reading

18 Ways to Battle Winter with Wine

18 Ways to Battle Winter with WineWinter is coming… It’s too hard not to quote those famous words from Game of Thrones when mentioning winter right? Well Recently on my Facebook page I asked what you all wanted to read about over the coming weeks and one lovely wino piped up saying she wanted something on ‘winter warmers’. So I thought I’d take that one step further and list 18 ways wine can help you get through winter in 2016. Continue reading

20 Signs You’re a Wine Appreciator, not just a Booze Hag

20 Signs You're A Wine Appreciator, Not Just A Booze Hag
For some wine drinkers, you get to a point where you want to know more about what’s in your glass. You seek out special bottles, you spend more money than you probably should on wine and there’s no such thing as too many wine memes. You’ve been bitten by the wine bug. You’ve officially shifted from just being just a boozy drinker to a wine appreciator. I say a big congratulations too you if you’ve transcended to this level. When you think about the time and passion that is put into each and every bottle of wine, then it’s only right to appreciate it with gusto.

Here are 20 notable signs you’re no longer just a booze hag anymore.. Continue reading