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  1. This list is almost the perfect way to describe the difference between my friends who wine, and those that don’t.

    Number 6 – when I open a bottle I’ve been holding onto, it’s usually been there for a few years so it’s pretty exciting when we finally crack it. But I also have this irrational fear that it is going to be so good that the experience will be too fleeting, and the wine is irreplaceable as it is usually sold out by that point. I guess the best way to move past that fear is to crack the next bottle, right?

    Another sign that I’ve passed the booze hag tipping point? We are currently considering renovating our house, and I’ve been more concerned about where the wine will sleep, than where the children will! It’s kind of a given that they will get a room (at some point!) however, the wine… The wine needs (deserves) special consideration, and although our house has a small footprint, I’m almost considering letting the kids share a room forever and giving the wine a room of its own to grow up in. Yeah, definitely not just a booze hag!