My Top 4 Champagnes of 2013!

If I could only choose one drink to drink the rest of my life it would have to be Champagne. Those shimmering bubbles of happiness are just so darn good that I just can’t say no. Champagne is my heaven however you’ll also see me sipping on everything from Spanish Cava to Italian Prosecco and to various sparkling wines (aka fizzy bubbly) – I can’t get enough!

Quick Fact: Champagne is the sparkling wine made in the Champagne region in France, all other sparkling wines from around the world officially cannot be called Champagne because they are not from the Champagne region in France.

Here are my top 4 Champagnes for 2013:

1. Krug Grande Cuvee
This is heaven in a bottle, truly. It may be $200 a bottle but by god if you ever get the chance – try it. It’ll change your complete outlook on life. The mousse (mouthfeel of the bubbles) is sooo smooth and light as air with flavours of elegance, luxury and beauty enticing every taste bud. Click here to read my full Krug Grande Cuvee tasting note.

2. Billecart-Salmon NV Brut Réserve
This is sex in a glass. It is so seductive and alluring – guys take note as I’m sure if you give a girl a glass of this she’ll be putty in your hands! An impeccably made Champagne at an affordable price, you can normally pick it up for around $60 on special. Click here to read my full Billecart-Salmon NV Brut Réserve tasting note.

3. Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV
I was given a bottle of LR from the Perth Champagne Club and decided to crack it on Christmas Day. The mouthfeel on this Champas is truly delightful – so smooth and silky yet bubbly and exciting at the same time. Mr. Spittoon has even declared that this needs to be our new go-to NV Champagne! Click here to read my full Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV tasting note.

4. Veuve Clicquot ‘Yellow-Label’ NV Brut
This will always be one of my favourite NV Brut Champagnes. To me it has so many memories whether it was sipping out of the bottle with my uni flatmates on the way to a friends 21st birthday many years ago or sipping on a glass at the VC Champagne house in Reims, France a couple of years ago. Click here to read my full Veuve Clicquot ‘Yellow-Label’ NV Brut tasting note.

I have managed to try a fair few different Champagnes and sparkling wines this year, click on the links below to read my tasting notes.


Italian Sparkling Wine:

Spanish Sparkling Wine:

Swan Valley Sparkling Wine:

Other Australia Sparkling Wine:

New Zealand Sparkling Wine:

Other Sparkling Wine:

Grab a glass of wine and let me know what you think...

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