The Champagne Diet: Eat, Drink, and Celebrate Your Way to a Healthy Mind and Body! – By Cara Alwill Leyba

tcd2I actually feel like a better person for reading both of Cara’s books. By better I mean I feel like I can now battle any evil thoughts that may sneak into my mind and if I have a shitty day, I can now accept it’s just a crapy day and go home, pour myself a glass of Champagne and know that things will get better! Seriously though how can life not get better with a glass of Champas in your hand?

Cara has the power to make you believe in yourself and who you are while still living a life full of indulgence and glamour (Champagne!!). I started off by reading Cara’s first book Sparkle (check out my review here) and just recently finished reading her second book: The Champagne Diet: Eat, Drink, and Celebrate Your Way to a Healthy Mind and Body!

I found the first chapter to very much be a recap of Sparkle. However the book then goes on to define the question that is on all our lips – What is the Champagne Diet and how do I live this glamorous lifestyle?

The first book I feel is more a mental overhaul; Cara explains to you how to think positively. However the second book is more how to physically go about living this dazzling effervescent lifestyle that Cara keeps (understandably) gloating about. It covers everything on tips to what to eat & drink to how to get MOËTivated to exercise and how Champagne can spice up your sex life.

The Champagne Diet is a light funny read. It is easily readable in a weekend, which being not really a book person I love and to be honest with you, you will find it hard to put down! It is a book, which will make you so badly want to be happy and live the most fulfilling lifestyle and love who you are.

I have never been a person who would look at this kind of book and I know some of my friends think I have gone off the wacky-meter but this book is honestly like having your best friend in your pocket. It shows you your beauty when sometimes you cannot see it because you have banished it to a dark-dark corner inside yourself.

Just recently I had a rather shitty day, everything at work went wrong, my boyfriend was working away and I just felt hopeless and alone.. I knew I needed to kick my own ass into gear so I got out my hot pink Post It’s and started writing out quotes from Cara’s book to pop on the wall beside my bed. Happiness busted back into my mind, a glass of bubbles was soon in my hand and I just knew the next day was going to be better.

I am now a huge fan of The Champagne Diet lifestyle and I encourage every single one of you to tap into this 🙂 Plus with both books being on Kindle you can buy them super cheap (that’ll leave you with more money to spend on the bubbles to drink with it!), and if you keep an eye on The Champagne Diet Facebook page you may be able to pick up a Kindle copy free when the dazzling Cara feels like treating all her fans.

A toast to you Cara!

For more information on Cara and her effervescent adventures check out The Champagne Diet blog.

Grab a glass of wine and let me know what you think...

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