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  1. Fab tips! Mine would be to try trade tastings. No waiting for pours – pour yourself! Plus lots of spittoons that everyone uses. Accessible ones include the Royal Adelaide Show public tasting which is right after the trade tasting so has the same setup.

    Happy tasting!

    Thanks for linking up on last month’s #WINENOT Wine Blog Post Sharing Party,


    Louise @

  2. Great tips. My other big one is to get there early and see all your priorities before the crowds arrive so that you can easily get to the spittoon and ask questions before the drunken hoards arrive 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #winenot

  3. Love your blogs Casey. #8 for me, the art of spitting can be practiced in the shower. You get to taste the all the wines, remember what you tasted, enjoy yourself and have no hangover. Then when you get home you can enjoy your top drops.

  4. Thanks for the tips Casey. Enjoy the wine & food show (UnWined). T Nothing beats being organized for the occasion 🙂

  5. Number 10 is my favourite! And not just a wine events, they work well everywhere 😉