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  1. My favourite wine accessory is our duel zone wine fridge, keeps all our wines at the perfect temp, no matter if they’re red or white. At at the moment it doubles as a chocolate storage fridge, and a cheese maturing fridge for home made cheese. Best investment ever!

  2. My favourite wine accessory is my right hand.. the hand I hold the wine glass in that then puts the glass to my lip… lol … love it!!!!

  3. A food replicator as seen on Star Trek, it could replicate me any bottle of wine available throughout history…… a never ending cellar with infinite choices available on request.

  4. My favourite wine accessory is my cheese board! Must have cheese and crackers with wine!!

  5. I’m looking forward to picking myself up some ‘wine drops’! Been meaning to for ages, but haven’t got around to it yet. They’ll keep my glass of wine cold in summer without having to resort to watering it down with ice!

  6. My favourite wine accessory is a tie between the Vino 2 Go and the champagne stopper. On the one hand the Vino 2 Go makes sure pesky breathing time is reduced on your heavier reds which is priceless as we are all busy people (read: in a hurry for a glass of wine) and on the other hand the champagne stopper is great because drinking more than 3 glasses of champers from a bottle (by yourself) gives one a headache the next day, so if you have no-one to share it with you can share it with your future self the next day! I hope this still counts as an entry 🙂 Love your work TC!

  7. My best wine accessory is my mate Wayne. Glad to spend a day dragging all the wine out of my cellar, sort and catalogue it and set me up on cellar tracker. Now when he comes to stay he has already chosen what wines he wants to drink. Every cellar should have a Wayne!

  8. My favourite accessory would have to be the ice bucket, keeps my bottle nice and chilled while I am sitting back and relaxing in the warm bubbles of my spa!

  9. My favourite wine accessory would have to be my husband! He is a shift worker and time spent together, enjoying a local drop, is precious.

  10. Wine fridge. It makes all wine the perfect temprature for consuming!!! It also makes a good night light in the dark 🙂

  11. My favourite wine accessory would have to be my goblet. It lends sophistication to the wine drinking experience. It reminds one of medieval days gone by. Oh, and it doesn’t smash if you drop it 😀