Cabbages & Condoms Bangkok and GranMonte Thai wines

Wine, food and condoms. When in Thailand, do as the Thai’s do! Eat, drink and of course be safe!

Okay I promise this is not a preaching blog post on what unsafe sex and a bottle of wine can lead to. I promise! It is actually about one of my favourite restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand. Cabbages & Condoms – their food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.

The restaurant is a bit of a spoof with mannequins dressed in outfits made of condoms, the lampshades covered in condoms and at the end of your meal you are given condoms instead of mints! It is such a unique dining experience and if you get a seat under the canopy outside draped with fairy lights you will be truly wowed.

The Cabbages & Condoms (C&C) restaurant began in Bangkok to promote better understanding of family planning and to generate income to support various development activities of the Population and Community Development Association, including providing support for the devastating 2004 Tsunami in Thailand.

Every time I visit Bangkok I visit this restaurant, not only because it’s for a good cause and for its entertainment factor but also it has absolutely scrumptious Thai food (the menu is HUGE!! Check it out here) and as I found out on this last visit they actually have some great wines on offer.

Cabbages and Condoms Menu BangkokI was excited to see that a Western Australian wine was on offer at the restaurant – Stella Bella from the Margaret River (WA represent!). The wine list also included Santa Alicia Cab Sauv and Chardonnay from Chile, the Gallo Family Merlot and Chardonnay from California and a Chenin Blanc & Syrah from the GranMonte winery in Thailand that I just had to try. Check out the menu on the right, see if you can spot the typo (click on the image to make it larger).

For a Thai restaurant, the above selection was actually pretty good and considering the tax on wine in Thailand, the prices weren’t bad either. Click here to read my tasting note on the GranMonte 2012 ‘Spring’ Chenin Blanc and the GranMonte 2012 ‘Spring’ Syrah.

The food was no disappointment either – my Massaman curry and steamed minced dumplings were a tad on the sweet side, however the sticky rice was cooked to perfection. I simply can’t get enough of the Thai sticky rice! Mr. Spittoon’s sundried and deep fried pork was absolutely to die for! View the Cabbages & Condoms menu here.

By the end of the meal, the 4 of us were completely rammed! Food and wine came to a total of just under 4000 Baht which equates to about AU$130 – not bad!! We were so full from the meal that we couldn’t even fit in a drink at the Captain Condom Bar before heading back to our hotel.

If you’re heading to Bangkok, C&C would be my number 1 recommendation for great authentic Thai food, decent wine and a completely unique dining experience.

See more photos from my trip in my Facebook album – Wine & food adventures in Thailand 2013.

For more information please visit the Cabbages and Condoms website by clicking here.

Address: 6 Sukhumvit Soi 12, Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Phone:+66 2 229 4610

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