Visiting Tyler’s Vineyard in the Swan Valley, Perth

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After 15 years of selling off their grapes to commercial wineries, the Tyler’s thought it was about time they started producing wine of their own. In preparation of owning and running a vineyard they have brought up triplets who are now 11 years old – geeeze I bet once you have accomplished this feat then you can do absolutely anything!

Their official cellar door opened on Sunday the 2nd of September 2012. You can tell it is a family affair as soon as you drive onto the property. You feel like your going to visit old friends, it is a welcome feeling with no snobby wine pretentiousness hanging in the air.

The cellar door is literally a fancied up shed, which sits beside the Tyler’s house. The property is full of energy with tractors doing their thing in the vineyard and the kids roaming about chasing the chickens. It has an old-school rustic charm that sets even the novice wine taster at ease.

The one thing I found that stood out like a bit of a sore thumb were the 2 computers in the tasting shed. I later found out that these computers were set up with a special program where guests can upload a special photo and then have a waterproof wine label printed out and stuck to your favourite bottle of wine. What a fantastic idea, and the fact that you can do it on the spot is awesome – the perfect personalized gift for a birthday, Christmas or anniversary.

As the Tyler’s wine production is in the early stages they are starting off small and currently have only 2 wines on offer. Both of these wines are made from non-irrigated Grenache grape vines. One is a red and the other is a blush – or rose if you wish. They both sell for $18 a bottle.

To be honest the wines are uncomplicated and palatable. One of my travel companions on this particular trip was not a wine drinker and I quote, “this is actually really nice!” he said about the blush. I have to agree it is a summer friendly wine, which would be awesome with an antipasto platter in the lovely Western Australian sun.

Grenache blush 2011: With a beautiful fresh salmon colour in the glass, this wine is definitely best served extremely chilled in mid-summer. I am not a huge fan of the nose (a bit gym room sweaty for my liking) but the palate is crisp with plush red fruits and hints of prunes.

The wines definitely have potential and the Tyler’s are looking to expand their range down the track with perhaps a fortified port-style wine on the cards and a liqueur. They are also looking at experimenting with their technique with things like starting to use French oak barrels over the next year or two instead of the wood chips which they are using now as well as picking the grapes later.

This is a back to basics winery with a charm that you can’t get at the bigger wineries in the Swan Valley. I definitely will be popping my taste buds back in every now and then, as I believe there is great potential in the glass for this one.

Address: 301 Padbury Ave, Millendon WA 6056

Opening times: Monday, Thursday & Friday 11am to 3pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am to 5pm.

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