Say ‘I Do’ to Wine in a Can in Australia!

Sparkke Sparkling Wine in a CanYes you read that right folks – wine in a can is coming to Australia soon (well it better be!). Thanks to my lovely friend, Lara, she gave me a heads up this week about Sparkke Change Beverage Company and their absolutely bubbling new venture – White Wine Bubbles in a can for marriage equality!

Can Wine in a Can Work?

It totally can! Pun totally intended right there! Wine in a can has been a thing in North America for some time now, and I have to admit all those Buzzfeed and VinePair posts on these tin-nee wines have made me jealous!

It was actually only just the other day our good friends Britt & Jeff over at @vino_vagabonds (we met these guys while working on the 50 Great Cavas e-book in Spain back in 2011) were sipping on rosé in a can at their home in the Napa Valley.

Sparkke’s White Wine Bubbles in a Can:

So how come no one is making wine in a can in Australia you ask? Well from what I can tell, it’s not an easy feat to make bubbles that are both delicious and can be sold in a can. Not to mention the expenses involved in making (and marketing) such a product.

But I think Sparkke may have done it. Award-winning winemaker, Rose Kentish (Australian Women In Wine 2015 Winemaker of the Year, Winemaker of the Year in McLaren Vale 2008 and Gourmet Traveller Wine’s Winemaker of the Year Finalist in 2014), together with Sparkke winemaker, Sarah Lyons, have come up with the ‘Say I Do bubbles’. Which is:

A fruit-drive white wine bubbles – you will taste the beautiful quality fruit, minerality, fresh acidity, texture and complexity through the addition of some back vintage wine. For the vino-novices among us, this is a fancy way of saying it’s a sumptuous, high quality wine”

3 cans = 1 bottle of wine. Therefore 1 x 250ml can is equal to 2 restaurant pours. It’s the perfect accompaniment for beach days, camping or those sneaky little ‘I need a wine’ that’s tasty, unpretentious and supports a good cause moments.

What does the ‘Say I Do’ bubbles promote?

Social change, through both wine packaging and also through social messaging. This poppin’ beverage supports marriage equality in Australia with 10% of each can sold going directly to Australia’s The Equality Campaign to help lobby for equal marriage rights for all Aussies.

Where can you buy canned wine?

That’s the thing my fellow winos, Sparkke need your help to blow the cork on this project. Through a crowd-funding Pozible campaign they are working on getting it out to us as soon as possible.

The cool thing I love about crowd-funded campaigns like this, is that you support a great cause and get something at the end of it! Basically, you are pre-ordering some wine cans – if the target is met you get your bubbly cans and if not, your money is returned.

‘Pledges’ as Pozible calls them, for Sparkke Bubbles cans, start at AU$35 which is a pack of 4x250ml cans of sparkling wine + delivery for $10 in metro areas and $15 for rural areas anywhere in Australia. Estimated delivery is currently August 2017, so it’s not too far away.

I’ve already placed my pre-order and I think you guys should too. I don’t know about you, but I am awfully keen to try bubbles from a can. Plus support marriage equality at the same time!

For more info:

Who is Sparkke?

Sparkke are a female run beverage company who are all about social change. They currently have 4 beverages on the market:

  • ‘Consent Can’t Come After You Do’ Apple Cider
  • ‘Change the Date Australia Day’ Pilsner
  • ‘Nipples are Nipples’ Alcoholic Lemonade
  • ‘Boundless Pains to Share’ Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Sparkke Change Beverage Company Range

What goes into these cans is drive and passion to not only create a conversation around social change but to also create amazing tipples that us boozy punters will love.

So what are you waiting for? Spark up a conversation today over a vino and help turn this awesome project into a reality.

PS: I wish these bubbly can’s were around for Mr. Spittoon and my engagement party or wedding last year – what a great way to celebrate such a beautiful occasion!

Please note all images on this post were sourced from Sparkke.

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