Who is Mr. Spittoon? Q&A with the man himself!

Mr. Spittoon - Travelling Corkscrew Wine BlogToday on the blog we’re very spoilt as I’m interviewing an integral part of the Travelling Corkscrew wine blog team – Mr. Spittoon. He’s not a man who likes to be in the wino spotlight so for his privacy no names or super personal details will be mentioned, we don’t want to attract another stalker now do we.

His fans have demanded to know more about him for years, so I sat down with him over a bottle or three of wine (naturally) and asked him a few out-of-the-box questions.

Before we get stuck in, the name Mr. Spittoon definitely doesn’t come from the fact he always spits and uses a spittoon at tastings. It’s actually quite the opposite – he is the spittoon! No tipping off-wine down the sink when he’s around, just hand it over and he’ll ‘dispose’ of it!

Okay enough waffling, let’s get stuck in and find out more about the mysterious ‘Mr. Spittoon’…

1. What’s your first wine memory?

When I was 4-5 years old  I climbed onto our kitchen bench using draws as stairs and drank what was left of a goon box my parents had left from a party the night before in my milo mug.

2. If you were stuck on a desert island with one case of wine only, what would be in it?

I tried 2004 Cristal Champagne for the first time last year and I have to say it lived up to the hype, so a case of that would go down nicely.

3. You’re a beer drinker by trade right? If you were trying to get a fellow beer drinker into enjoying wine how would you go about it?

I’d say “hey mate have a hoon on this, let me know what you think”.

4. Finish this sentence: There is nothing better than wine and ______.


5. You’ve travelled to many wine regions around the world, what would be your favourite and why?

Probably the cava region in Spain when I was living and working in the Penedes ranges near La Llacuna. There were so many cava bodegas. Cava is Spanish sparkling wine and is so delicious.

6. What’s your opinion on wine snobs? How should one deal with them?

Personally I don’t think there is any need for snobbism of any kind, we are all the same right? But when I come across them and it happens often in the circles I swim in, I just ignore them and make my own fun it helps when you have a bit of knowledge on their subject and then you baffle them with insight, boom!

7. What’s your favourite winery in the entire world and why?

Montefioralle Winery in Chianti Italy. It’s such a beautiful place, awesome history and delish wine. Followed closely by Tylers in the Swan Valley. such wonderful people and I’m partial to their Lucky Goose sparkling made from Grenache in a blush colour.

8. What are your tips for wooing a lady with wine?

Quantity haha everything is easier after a few wines….. if you know what I mean.

9. What are your thoughts on people who spit and don’t swallow?

Everyone loves a swallower – they are way more fun, but each to their own.

10. How would you liven up a tasting full of wine snobs?

Suggest we play Cards Against Humanity.

So there you have it folks. A bit more of an insight into the wonderful Mr. Spittoon!

Many thanks for joining us on the blog today and the TC wouldn’t be the same without your unfiltered, unashamed and laid-back approach to wine!

4 thoughts on “Who is Mr. Spittoon? Q&A with the man himself!

  1. a very enlightening and in- depth interview with the mysterious and intriguing Mr Spittoon…

  2. Haha I’ll pass that on to him! He does every now and then take over the tasting notes posted on Facebook – he has a really good palate!

  3. Wow, there’s a lot more to the elusive Mr Spitoon than meets the eye. He sounds like a man of the world. I would love to know more about this adventures to the Cava and Chianti regions. Maybe you could have a regular Mr Spitoon segment 🙂

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