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  1. I completely see where you are coming from. I guess you also have to take into account that even though the famous/wealthy person is the face of the brand, they’ll also be providing jobs for people who need them and are probably passionate about what they do as well. So there’s pros and cons I reckon 🙂

  2. I have to say that I find the trend for famous and wealthy people to keep creating their own labels because it is the thing to do, a bit boring now. Wine used to be something created out of tradition or passion but it has become something quite different, where it’s very tough for an average person to start their own winery but the wealthy and elite are starting labels every day because they know that their fame will allow them to sell it and they don’t need the money to make a living.

    It’s their right of course. It’s just a bit harder to have an interest in supporting them.

    From rappers to actors to sports stars everyone seems to have a wine label these days!

  3. Haha I’m glad to bring some new food for thought into your life Robin! It’s coming into cricket season here so perhaps you’ll be able to catch some on an international sporting channel over there 😉

  4. As a silly American, sometimes reading your posts I feel as if I am reading a foreign language. Today as an idiot about Cricket I felt that doubly so. In all of this you have conjured images for me that have me wishing to be sitting watching and learning about Cricket and it’s history, all while enjoying one of these wines!

  5. Haha I have a couple of mad cricket fans in my family Allison so I did have to consult with them a little bit for this post 😉

  6. While I’m a little lost on the cricket side we did appreciate the tasting note references ;). And of course, always up for a great bottle of wine!