Introducing Vine Collective and why YOU should be on it today..

Vine Collective Wine Website Travelling CorkscrewVine Collective is the Trip Advisor & Urbanspoon for wine lovers in Western Australia (and soon to be the eBay for WA wine too with its eCommerce side to come!).

It’s a website with bucket fills of information on WA wine regions, wines and wineries. Alongside consuming the information on the wine regions of Western Australia, you can read other wine lovers reviews on wineries and follow your favourite reviewers (make sure to follow Travelling Corkscrew!). They’re honest opinions from everyday people just like you and me!

It’s a website which will make your next trip to the Margaret River, Swan Valley or Great Southern (to name just a few of the fabulous WA wine regions covered on the site) one to remember as you’ll be able to plan your winery visits based on the “Vinescape” of a winery which is the brainchild of WA local, Ben Thomas’s PhD research.

The Vinescape encompasses what attributes of a winery create the ultimate winery experience. The 7 attributes are; setting, aesthetics, heritage, wine quality, wine value, complimentary services and service quality. Each aspect contributes to how much you enjoy visiting a winery. On the site for each attribute you give a score and at the end of your review you’ll have a total score out of 100.

Vine Collective Vinescape Philosophy

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Bloggers are also able to enter a URL of a blog post if they have reviewed the winery on their blog, which means users can find out even more on the wineries they’re thinking of visiting.

I’m not one for rating wineries as I feel a couple of the attributes alone could sum up a favourite 100 point winery in my eyes. For instance, wine quality and service quality would have me swooning even if they’re operating out of a tin shed just as a mansion of a winery with a beautiful restaurant would. As always, I preach that my opinions are always based on my tastes, if we were all the same and liked the same things… It would be a very boring world!

So far I have found the site very engaging. It’s like a social media channel for wine lovers really. And you all know how addicted to social media and wine I am! You can share your personal experiences, connect with other consumers & wineries and educate yourself on all things wine via the Vine Collective site. There are still a few tweaks to come, so I’m sure the site is going to get even bigger and better as our wine glasses keep getting refilled.

It’s giving WA wineries a voice, a way to speak to the community and for us to speak back to them. I feel it’s not only going to be a great tool for wineries but for the wine loving community of WA to connect with each other, which I very excited about, because as you know I love WA wine!

Also make sure you check out my guest blog post on Vine Collective on “The Swan Valley wineries that you must visit!”.

For further information check out the Vine Collective website, follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Vine Collective and why YOU should be on it today..

  1. Isn’t he lovely!! It’s definitely going to become bigger and better as time goes on, so many cool things to come!

    I must make another trip to John Kosovich.. I haven’t been since I first arrived in Perth in 2012! Long overdue a visit 🙂

  2. Great review 🙂 I agree with rating wineries, I think its a good tool on the website for an indication, but I found after using the tool my favorite winery (John Kosovich FYI!) ranked lower than some others that had more bells and whistles.

    I met the mastermind behind Vine Collective at City Wine, he was lovely and I think he has some great ideas!

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