Let’s Celebrate & Get Naked with a $50 Wine Discount Voucher!

Let's Celebrate & Get Naked with Naked Wines Australia

Exclusive Naked TC Reader Special!

The good folk at Naked Wines want to reward you for being totally awesome readers of the Travelling Corkscrew with a $50 discount voucher code (minimum order 6 bottles)! It’s as easy as opening a screw-cap on a bottle of wine, simply visit the following URL to redeem right now: nakedwines.com.au/travellingcorkscrew

My first Naked experience..

I recently came across Naked Wines via many of your recommendations actually. I have to admit so far I have been super impressed. As I was a new customer, I too had a special discount code like the above which meant I ended up getting a case of wine delivered for roughly $55. The impressive part was I ordered around midday and the delivery showed up at 10am the next morning!

In fact I actually received 15 bottles as I signed up to their Angel program which you can find more out about below. Because I decided to join the club they chucked in 3 bottles free!

I was pleasantly surprised to see the selection of wines inside, many bespoke wineries I haven’t come across and probably wouldn’t have if I hadn’t ordered as most of them are sold exclusively through the online store.

Who are Naked Wines?

Naked Wines Australia was launched in 2012 by Luke Jecks who had a mission ‘to change the way Australians buy wine’.

Luke wanted to create a crowd-funded business to connect us wine loving consumers with boutique Australian and New Zealand winemakers. Independent winemakers deal directly with Naked Wines to eliminate various marketing and distribution costs thus selling their wines at awesome price points and over delivering on quality.

Currently they have around 24 independent winemakers on-board and over 80 wines to choose from!

Why are Naked Wines worth raving about?

Seriously if I can get a great quality wine at a decent price then I am one happy lady. What I also like is the fact that a lot of these wines are unique and hard to get your hands.

The Naked portfolio is full of small batch wines, hand-made wines, exclusive wines, award-winning wines and wines produced from some amazing winemaking talent like Stuart Pym (the man behind Voyager Estate, Vasse Felix and Stella Bella to name a few) and Nigel Ludlow (the Margaret River winemaker behind Art by Evoi).

I liked this comment from Luke Jecks to sum up the Naked experience:

When people ask what the secret of our success is, its simple – the wine is delicious. But we’ve also been able to innovate. Our customers communicate directly with our winemakers online; they form relationships and share their wine drinking experiences. It’s hard to put a value on that kind of thing – that’s where the business part ends and the social magic begins.

Why are Naked Wines good for Perth?

Alongside supporting some awesome local winemakers, in July 2014 a distribution hub was opened in Perth. This is the exact reason I had my case of 15 bottles delivered in less than 24 hours!

It’s one of the cheapest next day wine delivery services in the Perth metro area.

What’s the Angels Club?

So you can’t just outright become a Naked Angel. There is a waiting list codenamed the ‘Velvet Rope’. I am currently about 700 people away from joining, but it moves fast – don’t you worry!

The reason there is a wait list is to meet demand. The more Angels there are, the more winemakers and wine they need on board. On the 1st of January 2015 the number of Angels reached 31,949 people!

I don’t mind waiting for good quality wine, actually I would prefer it! So once I do become a Naked Angel I will then pay $40 a month into my Naked Wines piggy bank. This money is used by Naked Wines to invest in winemakers and in return we’re given access to even more exclusive wines at ridiculous prices which are 25-50% off retail prices.

There’s no membership fees or tie-ins plus we can spend our piggy bank money at any time on any wines we want. Wohoo!

Now all this wine talk has got me thirsty, I’m off to crack a bottle of vino and hey, I may just go Naked!

Case from Naked Wines Australia

6 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate & Get Naked with a $50 Wine Discount Voucher!

  1. They sure do Mike! Naked Wines brings together winemakers from across the country and NZ too – you can pick up some really interesting wines through them 🙂

  2. What a clever idea! Particularly love the re-investment in up-and-coming winemakers plus being able to chat direct with the person who makes your wine. Thanks for sharing on the #WINENOT linky!

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