Easy DIY Christmas Wine Decorations

Wine Cork Wreath & Wine Bottle Lights for Christmas I love Christmas, I love wine (obviously) and I also get a bit crafty after 4 glasses of vino. So therefore this year I thought I would deck the house with wine-inspired Christmas decorations and of course share my creations with you. These Christmas wine decorations are easy, cheap and I have to admit, look pretty Cab Franc’en amazing!

So this is how Mr. Spittoon and I decorate our house for Christmas…

Wine Bottle Lights

I have actually done this for the last few years. It’s super easy and looks absolutely stunning in my opinion!

Wine Bottle Lights

Firstly you find a beautifully shaped clear wine bottle (it doesn’t necessarily need to be a clear white bottle, it just depends on the effect you’re going for), and obviously you need to consume the contents. We opted for the very gorgeous Gérard Bertrand Cotes des Roses Rosé bottle for approx $25 from Dan Murphy’s this year.

You then need to decide whether you remove the label or not. I decided to remove it this year so that it was as bright as possible.

To remove wine labels; I typically pop the bottle in the oven, turn it onto 160 degrees Celsius and then bake for 15-20mins. After this time, the labels come off with very little effort and leave no sticky residue (typically!). Oven mitts / tea-towels are a must.

The copper LED lights I bought (as pictured below), I grabbed from Spotlight for $12. They are battery-powered (3 x AA batteries) and are 4 metres (40 lights) in length. You simply just thread them into the bottle and then creatively position the battery pack somewhere out of sight.

They also come in silver (which we bought as well – you can never have too many wine bottles with fairy lights in right?!?). I’ve also seen similar lights in Big W, Target and K-mart.
Spotlight LED Bud Lights - Wine Bottle Lights

Wine Cork Wreath

This was a ‘4 glass wine idea’ that turned into something spectacular (in my opinion anyway!). We are all familiar with wine cork wreaths, but how exactly do you make one?

I did a bit of Googling, and then I hit up Spotlight (a store popular in Australia and New Zealand particularly for craft supplies and economical wares) and it’s where I let their range fill me with inspiration.

We initially went in looking for a polystyrene ring, or something similar but having no luck we just sort of wandered around until we saw something that would do the trick.

I then thought about looking in the Xmas decorations to get some inspiration. While doing this, I spotted a Christmas wreath – which to be honest, looked a bit naked and could do with some ‘filling up’. It already had greenery and red berries on it, but just looked a bit naked.

With a Crafters Choice Hot Melt Glue Gun ($10) and my Jolly & Joy Red Berry Wreath ($25 normally, but currently 50% off, so only $12.50), I then set to sticking a tiny portion of my wine cork collection (37 corks in total) to it.

Jolly Joy Red Berry Wreath Spotlight Australia Crafters Choice Hot Melt Glue Gun Wine Cork Crafts How to make a Wine Cork Wreath for Xmas Making a Wine Cork Wreath - Spotlight Stores

And wow, without being cocky, I think the end product is pretty darn awesome:

Wine Cork Wreath - Homemade - Spotlight Australia Wine Cork Wreath on Red Door DIY Wine Cork Wreath Christmas Decoration

So there you have it – this is how my house is decorated this year for Christmas.

There are so many awesome Christmas wine crafts out there, here’s a few more that are on my list to try:

Let us know below if you have any crafty wine-ideas for the holidays below!

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