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Travelling Corkscrew 2017

I cannot believe 2017 is nearly done and dusted – where has the year gone? And where did all my wine disappear to??

As per previous years, around December I like to do a bit of a recap on the blog to look at some of the highlights of the year and mention a few bits and pieces to look forward to from the TC blog in the new year.

I am always open to feedback, so please don’t hesitate to pop me an email if you’d like to have a chat.

Over 175,000 Blog Visitors

This is a pretty massive one for me seeing as professionally (yes I have a real-world, full-time job) my career is centred around helping businesses reach, engage and convert their audiences online (aka SEO & Google AdWords). So it’s safe to say, I am a bit of an online geek.

Last year the blog topped 97.5k visitors, so year on year (bearing in mind we still have 2 weeks to go in December too) that’s a massive 71% improvement in traffic to the blog. I’m pretty chuffed that you and new wine-lovers are finding and enjoying my content daily.

Over 655 Blog Posts

In the nearly 8 years that I have been running the TC, I have now posted over 655 blog posts. I published 92 of these in 2017 and have covered so many different topics from Champagne Brunches in Kuala Lumpur to Australian Pisco.

Over 350 Wine Tasting Notes

I am completely aware many wine bloggers either love or hate tasting notes. Personally, I write tasting notes to help keep my education with wine going. By writing notes it helps me learn more about what I am drinking and by writing it down, it helps me remember it.

You may notice, when I write notes, I also like to share some unique info about that specific wine, the grape variety, region or simply something interesting related to my tasting experience. Every encounter with a wine is different and I simply tell my story.

I don’t publish my notes to the blog, as I simply don’t have the time, but I do post to Facebook, Instagram, Delectable and Vivino, if you’re interested in following along with my tasting journey.

Over 25,000 Email Subscribers and Social Media Fans

A lot of my time and effort goes into the blog. However, to back it up, I also do some email newsletters and are active on social media. It’s awesome to see so much chatter on all these channels – we are really starting to build an awesome wine community online! And one which is not snobby or judgemental!


I am so happy that I teamed up with The Wine Galley in late 2016 – these guys are totally awesome and it’s so much fun bringing The TC Wine Club to you all with their help.

When I team up with businesses for collaborations, it’s very important to me that I love what they do and how they conduct business. The Wine Gallery has definitely nailed this on the head for me – I have so much fun partnering with such a cool brand.

So a big thanks to The Wine Gallery and to all the club members – it’s awesome to discover new wines with you every month!

So what’s to come in 2018?

Plenty more wine and plenty more blog posts! I am not going to give too much away in terms of my plans for 2018 – however it’s safe to say there’ll be wine involved.

And last, but definitely not least, I just want to say a huge big thank you to YOU! Thank you for being a part of this big wine adventure and for encouraging me to follow my passion.

I get asked all the time how I manage to fit all my TC bits and pieces in with a full-time job and life in general, the answer always is ‘because I love it’ – I am so passionate about what I do, that it just works. I don’t do it for all the samples or invites to events, I started the Travelling Corkscrew 8 years ago because I love wine and writing about it.

Bring on 2018 and many more wine adventures in Western Australia and abroad.

On a final note, I would love your feedback so feel free to leave a comment below…

What did you particularly enjoy on the blog this year?
What would you like to see more of in 2018?

Grab a glass of wine and let me know what you think...

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