My Favourite Wine Twitter Accounts to Follow

My Favourite Wine Twitter Accounts to FollowTwitter was the first social media website I created an account for Travelling Corkscrew on, and it’s still my favourite. I love the short length of the tweets (I am still in two minds about the length of tweets being extended to 260 characters from 140 characters in September 2017) and the fact that you can tweet back and forth with so many people (including well-known people).

When Mr Spittoon and I were travelling around Europe back in 2011, this was typically the way we connected with winery owners and wine shops to organise tastings. One of my favourite Twitter convo’s was connecting and tweeting with the House of Croatian Wine in Zagreb to set up a tasting at their shop – we had such an awesome afternoon with the team trying some delicious Croatian wines.

If that’s not enough, I tweet as Travelling Corkscrew but also as myself. I have my own personal Twitter account so I have a channel to also tweet about my other passions – SEO and digital marketing. Alongside general chit-chat – yep, I am a Twitter-fiend!

Recently I had my 8-year Twitter Anniversary – so I feel it was about time I put together a list of my favourite wine accounts on Twitter so you guys can follow them too. But not just follow, I encourage you to join in the convos and become part of the #wine community on Twitter. And if you have favourite wine-lovers you follow on Twitter, please comment at the bottom of this post, so I and other readers can follow along too.

1. @WineFolly

It’s probably no surprise to you all that Wine Folly makes my favourite list – after all, you may have picked up that I am a crazy fan-girl for what Madeline Puckette has done with Wine Folly. There’s no doubt that Wine Folly is the best resource on the web for anything wine related and by following the Twitter account, you’ll be sure not to miss anything. It’s always great to see the team from Wine Folly jump into Twitter convo’s with others and they’ve even Twitter liked a few of my tweets – which naturally made my day!

2. @TheWineWankers

With over 384k followers, it’s safe to say The Wine Wankers are dedicated tweeters. From wine recommendations to sharing interesting wine content from around the web to plenty of wine meme’s – you’re sure to see a number of tweets pop up in your feed daily from these guys.

3. @Runaway Wine

Runaway Wine is a new one for me to follow and they are also very new to Twitter, only signing up late last year. However I already love the account, and not just because she is a Kiwi chick who loves wine (remind you of anyone?)but she actually tweets and doesn’t just share posts straight from Insta or Facebook, she shares her latest blog posts + other peoples posts, and of course, we all love a good wine meme. She has personality!

4. @alawine

Ken loves a good wine meme, infographic, quote or article. Plus I love his just because tweets “If you see this post, Have a great night! If you don’t see it, well… never mind”

5. @Wine30Flight

If you love wine and travel, then you need to follow along with Andrew and Meghan. These guys are based in the USA and love a good Twitter convo whether it’s about recently consumed wines or the latest airline they have travelled on.

6. @TwoPaddocks

If you’re not already aware, actor Sam Neil (Jurassic Park, The Piano, etc) is the proprietor of Two Paddocks – a winery based in Central Otago, New Zealand. Tweets are by Sam and he’s pretty active on the channel which is impressive (especially for a now 70-year old!).

7. @CrushGrapeChron

Crushed Grape Chronicles is a Las Vegas based wine lover and I have been following her blog for awhile now. Alongside the blog she is across the social networks, including Twitter. From wine travel to wine and food matching – she covers a little bit of everything – I love it!

Please comment below with your favourites / your handle if you’re a wino on Twitter – I need more to add to my list!

Grab a glass of wine and let me know what you think...

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