Wine Infographics Hub – Free to Use With Attribution

Wine InfographicsI figured it was about time I got on the infographic bandwagon (it only took a couple of glasses of wine for liquid courage). Thanks to free online infographic tools like – I have now been able to turn some of my blog posts into wine infographics for your viewing pleasure.

I already feel a little bit addicted to be honest. So I am creating this post or aka Wine Infographic Hub as there’s no doubt I’ll be adding to it over the coming months.

Feel free to use any of my infographics on your websites/blogs or via social media. All I ask is that you please include attribution to 🙂

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My Favourite Wine Twitter Accounts to Follow

My Favourite Wine Twitter Accounts to FollowTwitter was the first social media website I created an account for Travelling Corkscrew on, and it’s still my favourite. I love the short length of the tweets (I am still in two minds about the length of tweets being extended to 260 characters from 140 characters in September 2017) and the fact that you can tweet back and forth with so many people (including well-known people). Continue reading

Why I Don’t Give Wine Ratings or Scores

Why I Don't Give Wine Ratings or Scores - Travelling Corkscrew Wine BlogOn numerous occasions, I have been asked why I don’t rate or score wines. If you follow my social media channels, you’ll no doubt be aware I do write tasting notes on Facebook and Instagram alongside on some of my favourite wine apps. However, I always do my best to avoid giving a score out of 10 or 100 or even giving star ratings (hence the downside to the Vivino app – you have to give a rating to leave a tasting note!). So today on the blog I thought I’d let you all know why I don’t and probably never will give a wine a score. Continue reading