How to avoid red wine lips

Woman & Glass of Red WineYes I like red lipstick, but not when it’s a telltale sign that you have downed maybe more than your share of a bottle of red wine. If you have drunk red wine before you no doubt are familiar with the staining effect the wine can have on your lips and teeth. It’s not pretty whether you’re on a first date or with old friends.

Knowing this is a common problem for all red wine drinkers I have put together a few ideas on how you can lessen the impact of this oh so horrible situation and enjoy both your glass or two of red and keep your kissable lips on top form. And the best bit is that this doesn’t involve a full brush, swirl and floss per glass!

  1. My favourite tip has to be lip balm or lip-gloss – being female, I always have one somewhere near and by keeping your lips moist, it will create a guard against the wine.
  2. Wine Wipes – these nifty little compacts have 20 wipes inside and a mirror. The ingredients on the orange-blossom flavoured wipes help to remove the wine marks left on your lips and teeth with a quick swipe. The flavour of the wipes has also carefully been designed to not interfere with your palate at all during your tasting.
  3. Brushing your teeth, tongue and gently exfoliating your lips before drinking red wine will help to smoothen the surfaces to which wine pigments might cling however if you planning on a big night, I cannot promise this will last the distance.
  4. Use a dark lip stain, obviously this is for the woman folk, hey if you can’t avoid it you may as well match it!
  5. Drink plenty of water, this will help to lessen the effects and wash away some of those red wine nasties plus it will help with the red wine headache the next morning! Two for the price of one.

In the end if you are still too hesitant to go near a bottle of red in fear you will become the red wine clown then you still have rose, white and sparkling to satisfy your wine hormones.

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