Lunch in the Swan Valley at Lamont’s Winery

The menu is set up as a tapas/sharing plate menu, however there is one September dish that I would reccomend you not to share at any costs, it is just too darn good!

I honestly don’t know why it’s taken me this long to get to Lamont’s as they have such a great reputation and a large fanbase. Their Swan Valley cellar door is where it all began in 1978 however since then they have expanded to have a cellar door at Smiths Beach alongisde a resturant in Perth’s CBD (Bishops House) and a wine store in Cottesloe.

I guess I was expecting their cellar door in the Swan Valley to be large and flashy after everything I had heard about them. However it wasn’t. It was rather small and cosy. Once the weather perks up I can see how they would be able to accomodate a larger crowd with plenty of outdoor dining and drinking space. The cellar door and inside seating consists of about 10 tables. Most of the tables were suited to large groups however Mr. Spittoon and I still plonked ourselves down at one of the large rustic wooden tables since it wasn’t that busy on this particular Sunday.

It is more so a cafe than a restaurant, you grab a menu on your way in and then order at the counter when you’ve decided. Their “small taste” menu is designed for you to order a few dishes to pick and share between your group. My favourite kind of eating! The dishes range from half a baugette priced at AU$4 up to AU$22. The menu is also changed monthly, which just means you have to keep going back!

Here is what we ordered:

  • Baguette, Marinated Olives (Rosemary and Garlic) $10.50
  • Straight Cut Chips, Paprika Salt $9.50
  • Kaffir Lime, Turmeric Spiced Chicken Crepe, Creme Fraiche With Mint $15.50
  • Braised Lamb and Mushroom Pie, Sweet Potato and Garlic Mash, Malbec Reduction $16.50

It was probably the perfect amount for the two of us. However I would definitely opt for the bread with balsamic and olive oil next time. The olives were great however we didn’t really know what to do with the bread other than dip it in the brine of the olives. I would also of preferred to have a side of aioli or some sort of dipping sauce for the chips as I found the paprika salt pretty full on. The chips were cooked to perfection though, crispy and crunchy on the outside and super soft ont the inside.

The chicken crepe was just so morish, fantastic presentation and flavours. Buuuutttt the lamb and mushroom pie stole the show. It is this dish that I would NEVER share again. It was absolutely divine. Every element on the plate had me melting with delight. Mr. Spittoon was literally having to tear the plate out of my hands to get a taste.

When sharing various dishes like this, it’s always hard to choose a wine to match. My go-to wine for such a range of cuisines and flavours is Sparkling. Plus when eating out I always feel like making it a bit of a celebratory occassion. On this particular day i enjoyed a glass of the 2009 Vintage Sparkling at $9.50. It went down lovely with the food, particularly well with the olives!
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After finishing lunch and since the cellar door had quietened down we decided to do a tasting of a few of their wines. There was a nice selection of whites and reds ranging from Riesling to Chenin Blanc and to Malbec, which I just loved and had to get a bottle to take home.

Overall it was a lovely visit. I would definitely go back, particularly for that pie!!

For more information on Lamont’s please check out the Lamont’s website here.

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