Morries Anytime – Margaret River Wine Region

Disclosure: The Travelling Corkscrew was invited to dine at Morries Anytime with compliments of Morries Anytime.

There is one serious problem I’ve noticed when  dining out in the Margaret River wine region and this was particularly an issue when I visited Morries Anytime restaurant in Margaret River town. The menu’s are just so darn delectable that you want to order like crazy and quite simply the tables are WAYY too small! I can’t help it, I become very greedy when it comes to tapas and small plates – I want a piece of everything!

Morries Anytime has what I would call a hipster decor. Think  recycled furniture (old leather sofas, mismatched arty lounging chairs), naked light bulbs, menus on blackboards & clipboards and an overall raw industrial finish. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner – as the name implies.

I was kindly invited to Morries Anytime for dinner on my most recent trip to the Margaret River wine region. The dinner menu consists of large plates and also tapas. I love tapas so Mr. Spittoon and I decided to go for an assortment of tapas while we sat back and enjoyed a few of Morries bespoke cocktails which I had heard were amazing!

It was a tough choice choosing a cocktail as they all sounded great and to be honest the wine list looked fantastic as did the selection of craft beers. I ended up going for the Rubicon (wild flaming rosemary is extinguished with hendricks gin, fresh lemon juice and a dash of maraschino liqueur )for $18. It went down a treat, super refreshing. Mr. Spittoon went for the Rum Boat Float (lime juice & passion fruit shaken vigorously with chairmans reserve spiced rum & a dash of maraschino liqueur strained over crushed ice) for $17, he suitably enjoyed it as it was gone within a blink of the eye.

We actually enjoyed the first round of cocktails so much that we couldn’t say no to another one each. I went for the Duck Duck Melon (watermelon is pressed with fat washed 1800 anejo, berry farm hazelnut, lime and a dash of chili syrup) for $18, I really loved the piece of bacon in the watermelon slice as a garnish. Mr. Spittoon went for the Basil Smash (sip smith gin, st. germain elderflower liqueur, some sugar and lots of basil all smashed together) for $16. The Basil Smash was a lot like the Duck Duck Melon, super refreshing and great for the palate if you have perhaps wine-ed yourself out in the Margaret River wine region (which is easy to do!). My favourite had to be the Rubicon, which brings me to the disappointing part of the night – in the mess of taking photos, eating and chatting wildly with my hands I spilt it everywhere. Major fail. However big ups to the Morries staff who cleaned it up in no time and didn’t make me feel like a complete idiot for my major clumsiness!

So enough about the drinks, what did we eat???

The beans were simply a side on the large plates menu and they were insanely good, they looked amazingly fresh and that blue cheese and candied walnuts worked amazingly together. My other favourites had to be both the burgers – DIVINE!! From the bread to the filling, everything was amazing and the kitchen cut the burgers in half for us which was such a cute touch! The menu has also a lot of gluten-free and vegetarian options which is great to see.

I thought it couldn’t get any better, that was until the dessert tasting plate came out. OMG – it was amazing, the picture really does tell a thousand words. For $31 it included; a caramel parfait with salted peanuts, caramel and chocolate cream + a baked lemon & mulberry tart with poached rhubarb and raspberry sorbet and a coconut pannacotta dressed with pineapple carpaccio and coconut sorbet. What a finale!

Morries Anytime Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I had a spendid time at Morries Anytime, I feel like I only got a small taste this visit and I really can’t wait to go back to try the large plates dinner menu, the lunch menu and the breakfast menu (so greedy!). Plus I really want another Duck Duck Melon to actually drink and not feed to the table this time.

For more information please visit the Morries Anytime website or stop in and see them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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New menu at Jezebelle in Guildford, Perth

Yesterday Jezebelle announced their new Spring tapas menu, and it couldn’t have worked in better with my feeling for not wanting to cook on a Friday night.

As usual the place was bustling on a Friday night, it’s a popular venue for cocktails alongside their menu of shared plates. As we hadn’t made a booking, we ended up sitting at a high bar table down the back of the restaurant. Note to self: make a reservation next time!

Once we were seated we proceeded to look over the new menu (which I had thoroughly stalked hours before online, check it out here) and of course the wine list. It’s funny when we go out for dinner, the wine list is always given to Mr. Spittoon and they always go straight to him for the order. He then looks blankly at them and I jump in. Obviously, I hide my wino appearance well!

The wine choice was pretty easy, it’s a compact menu and since I was after something to celebrate #GrenacheDay I narrowed it down easily. We ended up going for a bottle of GranRojo ‘Rojo’ 2010 Garnacha from the Valeapenas, Spain for $39. The sommelier came over to pour it and gave us some insights on the wine which was absolutely lovely. Read my tasting note here.

Now for the food ordering. As per usual we over ordered, but hey YOLO! You only live once!

Here is what we went for:

  • Rye, tomatillos, house made fresh cheese $6
  • Marinated olives; gordal, sicilian, lingurian, wild red $6
  • Bravas, smoky tomato, crème fraîche $10
  • Pork belly, peanut & chilli, fennel, orange $24
  • Beef short ribs, chilli & bean stew, tortilla, sour cream $28

I really love how they have definitions down the bottom of the menu to explain what things like bravas and tomatillos were (see the menu here), as we both had no idea! All up the food was lovely.

The rye dish was tasty and awesome value for money. The wild red olives, to die for! The bravas, spanish potato chips with paprika seasoning, where sooo good with the sauces however our only critique here would be to have the chips a bit crispier. The pork belly…. well… the BEST crackling either of us have ever had. And the short ribs were cooked to perfection with plenty of beans and tortilla wraps to eat it with.

You would think we stopped there, we should of stopped there. But I couldn’t help myself though and we ordered the Spanish donuts for desert – buñuelos, choux pastry puffs, chocolate, vanilla custard for $14 alongside a glass of the lovely Talijancich 1961 Solero Muscat for $19 (we had this recently at Stewart’s and loved it, read my tasting note here) and a glass of Sanchez Romate Moscatel ‘Ambrosia’ for $16. Read my tasting note here.
Jezebelle Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
The donuts and wine choices weren’t the best matches. However, each in their own right were truly divine. I was dreaming about those donuts in my sleep last night I swear!! An awesome way to end a lovely evening of eating, drinking and chatting. I think we’ll definitely be back soon!

Check out my other posts on Jezebelle below or click here to visit Jezebelle’s website.

Lunch in the Swan Valley at Lamont’s Winery

The menu is set up as a tapas/sharing plate menu, however there is one September dish that I would reccomend you not to share at any costs, it is just too darn good!

I honestly don’t know why it’s taken me this long to get to Lamont’s as they have such a great reputation and a large fanbase. Their Swan Valley cellar door is where it all began in 1978 however since then they have expanded to have a cellar door at Smiths Beach alongisde a resturant in Perth’s CBD (Bishops House) and a wine store in Cottesloe.

I guess I was expecting their cellar door in the Swan Valley to be large and flashy after everything I had heard about them. However it wasn’t. It was rather small and cosy. Once the weather perks up I can see how they would be able to accomodate a larger crowd with plenty of outdoor dining and drinking space. The cellar door and inside seating consists of about 10 tables. Most of the tables were suited to large groups however Mr. Spittoon and I still plonked ourselves down at one of the large rustic wooden tables since it wasn’t that busy on this particular Sunday.

It is more so a cafe than a restaurant, you grab a menu on your way in and then order at the counter when you’ve decided. Their “small taste” menu is designed for you to order a few dishes to pick and share between your group. My favourite kind of eating! The dishes range from half a baugette priced at AU$4 up to AU$22. The menu is also changed monthly, which just means you have to keep going back!

Here is what we ordered:

  • Baguette, Marinated Olives (Rosemary and Garlic) $10.50
  • Straight Cut Chips, Paprika Salt $9.50
  • Kaffir Lime, Turmeric Spiced Chicken Crepe, Creme Fraiche With Mint $15.50
  • Braised Lamb and Mushroom Pie, Sweet Potato and Garlic Mash, Malbec Reduction $16.50

It was probably the perfect amount for the two of us. However I would definitely opt for the bread with balsamic and olive oil next time. The olives were great however we didn’t really know what to do with the bread other than dip it in the brine of the olives. I would also of preferred to have a side of aioli or some sort of dipping sauce for the chips as I found the paprika salt pretty full on. The chips were cooked to perfection though, crispy and crunchy on the outside and super soft ont the inside.

The chicken crepe was just so morish, fantastic presentation and flavours. Buuuutttt the lamb and mushroom pie stole the show. It is this dish that I would NEVER share again. It was absolutely divine. Every element on the plate had me melting with delight. Mr. Spittoon was literally having to tear the plate out of my hands to get a taste.

When sharing various dishes like this, it’s always hard to choose a wine to match. My go-to wine for such a range of cuisines and flavours is Sparkling. Plus when eating out I always feel like making it a bit of a celebratory occassion. On this particular day i enjoyed a glass of the 2009 Vintage Sparkling at $9.50. It went down lovely with the food, particularly well with the olives!
Lamont's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
After finishing lunch and since the cellar door had quietened down we decided to do a tasting of a few of their wines. There was a nice selection of whites and reds ranging from Riesling to Chenin Blanc and to Malbec, which I just loved and had to get a bottle to take home.

Overall it was a lovely visit. I would definitely go back, particularly for that pie!!

For more information on Lamont’s please check out the Lamont’s website here.