Breakfast in the Swan Valley at Broads Restaurant, Upper Reach Winery

Is wine at 9am acceptable? Hell yeah it is! Banish those fears of looking like a complete alco by drinking with breakfast, a Champagne breakfast or sparkling wine breakfast is a true sign of luxury and indulgence, trust me – google it.

There are actually not that many places in the Swan Valley that do a bubbly breakfast. Having tried a bubbly breakfast at Edgecombe Brothers Winery and Jezebelle, the next on my list was Sunday breakfast at Broads Restaurant at Upper Reach Winery.

Broads Restaurant only do breakfast on Sundays from 9am till 10:30am with the latest seating at 10am. It was a bit of a struggle to get up and out there for 10am, but I was happy that we did!

The restaurant overlooks the vineyard, it really is a beautiful spot. The floor to ceiling windows allow you to really soak it all up, and having lunch on the balcony is truly a lovely experience (read my post here).

The menu is compact, just a one pager with a handful of food and drink options. My kind of menu since I am one of the most indecisive people around!

A glass of the sparkling Chardonnay is $10 a glass or $38 a bottle which I find a little cheeky since at the cellar door it’s $28 a bottle. I presume this is to do with the restaurant being a separate entity from the winery. It just meant that I had to pop in to the cellar door to get a couple of bottles to take home!

You can also opt for a glass of ‘Bucks Fizz’ for $7 which is a mix of the sparkling and orange juice plus there is a selection of plain juices, teas, coffees and hot chocolates.

In terms of the food, 3 out of 4 of us went for ‘The Lot’ which includes poached eggs, grilled bacon and tomato, a sausage and a delicious potato hash cake (finally potato hash that lives up to my mighty high potato expectations!). All topped with freshly cracked pepper for a reasonable $17. Mr. Spittoon is not a fan of poached eggs and asked for scrambled eggs which was absolutely no problem.

Our other friend went for the Moroccan breakfast and as soon as it came out we were all ‘oooooing’ as it came presented in a traditional Moroccan tagine dish. What a lovely touch! Inside the tagine were two baked eggs with chorizo sausage, spinach and tomato. This was also $17 and our friend seemed suitably happy with his choice. We were also brought over a basket full of toasted fresh bread and butter.
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Overall I think the meals were well priced with lovely presentation and most importantly were very tasty. The Sparking Chardonnay went down an absolute treat. I may have been grumpy at getting up so early on a Sunday but it was definitely worth it. I’ll go back again for sure.

Unfortunately I lost most of my photos from my visit. It looks like i’ll definitely have to go back soon 😉

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