Breakfast at Muster – Margaret River Wine Region

Disclosure: The Travelling Corkscrew was invited to dine at Muster Bar & Grill with compliments of Muster.

Add a steak for $5 to your plate of pork sausage, bacon, house beans & potato hash, what meat lover wouldn’t love that for breakfast? That is “The Muster” breakfast at Muster Bar & Grill in Margaret River town.

On my recent trip to the Margaret River wine region, I was lucky enough to be served up brekkie at Muster – the name of it may sound familiar as it’s actually the sister property of Must Wine Bar in Perth, you may even spot Russell Blaikie lurking in the kitchen down there! Sean Carter the Head Chef and General Manager of Muster is superb, not only can he make great food but he is an all-round nice guy.

And Mr. Carter has definitely put a fantastic brekkie menu together for meat lovers, sweet-tooths, health nuts, vegetarians and gluten-free peeps. I literally wanted EVERYTHING!!! However with my very tasty coffee in its super funky bright orange mug, I went for the breakfast board which consisted of granola, mini pancakes, poached egg, avocado feta, toast & preserve – it was the best of the best! I don’t know why more restaurants don’t do these types of brekkie dishes at it was simply fantastic, like tapas at breakfast!

Mr. Spittoon wanted something light so he went for the scrambled eggs on toast (sourdough) – being a connoisseur of scrambled eggs he gave them a thumbs up and they were literally gone in the blink of an eye! Being the nice person I am, and for the fact that I was REALLY full I shared some elements of my brekkie board with him and he was drooling over the mini pancakes, they were so fluffy and tasty that I struggled to share them to start off with! Click here to view the Muster breakfast menu.

Normally I talk about a restaurant’s decor and atmosphere before the food, however I just couldn’t help myself with this post – the food was so darn exciting and yummy!!

I loved the interior of Muster, it was Margaret River surf culture meets fine wine bar meets manly grill. You had tall round large bar tables, seating at the window to watch Margaret River town pass by, fine dining tables and a gorgeous bar with wine bottle light shades (LOVE!!) and gorgeous wine-inspired art. It felt like one of those places which would so easily do the day-to-night transition. Plus the flat screen TV on the wall displaying photos of the food made both Mr. Spittoon and I drooooool.. the burgers look insane!

Muster Bar & Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I wish we had time to go back for dinner, as I think it would be just fantastic. Next time!! My only downfall about my visit was that there was no Champagne on the brekkie menu! When on holiday it’s just plain rude not to have a couple of Champagne brekkie’s right? A glass of Billecart-Salmon or Louis Roederer would have gone down an absolute treat with my breakfast board. The coffee was great, but I’m a bubbles girl at heart!

If you’re planning a trip to the Margaret River Wine Region, make sure to check out the accommodation, wine tour & attraction ideas on, email or call (08) 9780 tourism logo

Breakfast in the Swan Valley at Broads Restaurant, Upper Reach Winery

Is wine at 9am acceptable? Hell yeah it is! Banish those fears of looking like a complete alco by drinking with breakfast, a Champagne breakfast or sparkling wine breakfast is a true sign of luxury and indulgence, trust me – google it.

There are actually not that many places in the Swan Valley that do a bubbly breakfast. Having tried a bubbly breakfast at Edgecombe Brothers Winery and Jezebelle, the next on my list was Sunday breakfast at Broads Restaurant at Upper Reach Winery.

Broads Restaurant only do breakfast on Sundays from 9am till 10:30am with the latest seating at 10am. It was a bit of a struggle to get up and out there for 10am, but I was happy that we did!

The restaurant overlooks the vineyard, it really is a beautiful spot. The floor to ceiling windows allow you to really soak it all up, and having lunch on the balcony is truly a lovely experience (read my post here).

The menu is compact, just a one pager with a handful of food and drink options. My kind of menu since I am one of the most indecisive people around!

A glass of the sparkling Chardonnay is $10 a glass or $38 a bottle which I find a little cheeky since at the cellar door it’s $28 a bottle. I presume this is to do with the restaurant being a separate entity from the winery. It just meant that I had to pop in to the cellar door to get a couple of bottles to take home!

You can also opt for a glass of ‘Bucks Fizz’ for $7 which is a mix of the sparkling and orange juice plus there is a selection of plain juices, teas, coffees and hot chocolates.

In terms of the food, 3 out of 4 of us went for ‘The Lot’ which includes poached eggs, grilled bacon and tomato, a sausage and a delicious potato hash cake (finally potato hash that lives up to my mighty high potato expectations!). All topped with freshly cracked pepper for a reasonable $17. Mr. Spittoon is not a fan of poached eggs and asked for scrambled eggs which was absolutely no problem.

Our other friend went for the Moroccan breakfast and as soon as it came out we were all ‘oooooing’ as it came presented in a traditional Moroccan tagine dish. What a lovely touch! Inside the tagine were two baked eggs with chorizo sausage, spinach and tomato. This was also $17 and our friend seemed suitably happy with his choice. We were also brought over a basket full of toasted fresh bread and butter.
Broads Restaurant & Functions at Upper Reach Winery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Overall I think the meals were well priced with lovely presentation and most importantly were very tasty. The Sparking Chardonnay went down an absolute treat. I may have been grumpy at getting up so early on a Sunday but it was definitely worth it. I’ll go back again for sure.

Unfortunately I lost most of my photos from my visit. It looks like i’ll definitely have to go back soon 😉

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Breakfast at Edgecombe Brothers Winery in the Swan Valley, Perth

Sparkling Wine Breakfast at Edgecombe Brothers WineryA glass of bubbles with brekkie for only $5!!

I’m starting to think Autumn may be one of my favourite times of year to visit the Swan Valley. The vines are gorgeous shades of yellows, reds and oranges and the days are still sitting around 20 degrees. Not too cold or too hot. So when someone whispers the words ‘Champagne Breakfast in the Swan Valley’ into my ear – I’m there in a heartbeat!

Edgecombe Brothers Winery is my new favourite weekend brekkie spot after recently spending a lovely Saturday morning there. Firstly breakfast starts from 10am and last orders are at 11:15am.. It caters for those of us who let’s be honest, like a bit of a sleep in! Plus this way you can jump right from breakfast in to a day of wine tasting. Such a hard life!

This family owned and operated winery definitely has that homely feel as soon as you step in the door. The menu is short and sweet with just enough variation (I honestly sometimes think long menus are a pain in the but as it takes me hours to decide!).

The open-air dining area under vines and wisteria with the outstretched vineyard in front is a big ball of heavenly relaxation. The tables and chairs are setup on the lawn and are a mix’n’match of styles, I choose to park myself up at a set which seemed very ‘Grandma styles’, totally comfy! This spot has plenty of sunshine and if you’re lucky enough you’ll see the Wagon Trails horse and cart on its morning tour of the Valley.

I ended up going for the Poached Eggs on continental bread with Tomato and Mushrooms & Smoked Salmon for AU$20. To be honest I thought this was a touch pricey but overall it was a decent homemade meal with just enough that I wasn’t stuffed to the rim plus it seemed pretty healthy in my books, which is a bonus.
Edgecombe Brothers Winery in the Swan Valley

The bargain, which makes me want to take back the comment about the food price, is that with any brekkie meal you can opt for a glass of the Edgecombe Brothers Non-vintage Sparkling Chardonnay for a mere AU$5 … Awesome value and very pleasant bubbles. Read my tasting note here. I was even brought over a shot glass of their Liqueur Muscat to try whilst I was waiting for my brekkie. Knowing the intensity of these wines I waited till I finished my bubbles before ‘having my shot’ – it was just about midday, so no judgment! Read my tasting note here.

Next time I will be definitely opting for the pancakes with fresh fruit… Yum!! Plus I have heard that during asparagus season (I’m not too sure when this is but I have a feeling it could be around September-October) you’re in for a real treat with their homegrown asparagus as an addition to the big brekkie.
Edgecombe Brothers Winery Breakfast Menu

Edgecombe Brothers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Once you’ve had brekkie, you may as well visit their cellar door and taste through the range on offer. Big kudos to Edgecombe for actually having bar stools at their tasting bar – haha who needs to stand!! Plus they have a wide variety of local and homemade produce for sale. I purchased a pot of the Grape Jam, which I am yet to get into, but trusty sources tell me that, its divine.

If you’re after a laid back breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday in a spectacular setting, good food, lovely people then Edgecombe can definitely help you out! Please check out the Edgecombe Brothers website for more information or check out the Edgecombe Brothers Facebook page.

Edgecombe Brothers Winery shot of liqueur

Weekend Breakfast at Jezebelle – Guildford, Perth, Western Australia

Can I have Champagne with breakfast?

I love breakfast. It’s a meal, which is totally acceptable to be either sweet or savoury. And breakfast is the perfect excuse to sip on wine at such am early hour of the day. Whoever came up with the idea of a Champagne breakfast is a total legend in my books!

So when I heard about Jezebelle‘s breakfast philosophy, I just had to check it out. A Q&A (found at the back on the menu) revealed the following:

Q: Can I have Champagne with breakfast?

A: Absolutely, it’s 12 o’clock somewhere isn’t it?

Simply put, you say “Champagne”, I say “where?”

Jezebelle is located in Guildford on James Street (opposite the well known Alfred’s burger bar), an easy walk from Guildford train station. As you walk in, you have a small bar to the right, the front counter with coffee making facilities and then to your left and stretching to the back of the building is the main dining area.

I have to admit I’m not fussed on the interior. Dim the lights and I’m sure it would feel a bit like a brothel in Eastern Europe. Not that I know what ones of those is like! It’s like they are going for a funked up vintage decor with the animal print (pornstar) covered uncomfortable chairs and stringy curtains to improvise makeshift walls. Since they are a breakfast-lunch-dinner establishment I presume from the decor that they are targeting themselves more so at the nighttime dinner crowd. However I don’t see why as having now dined twice from their lunch/dinner tapas menu and now also their breakfast menu I think breakfast is definitely their forte.

On the breakfast drinks menu they have all your normal coffees and juices but also some ‘Breakfast Bubbles’ & ‘Bubbles with Orange’ options. I opted for an AU$18 glass of H.Lanvin & Fils NV (non-vintage) Champagne, yes I know, my boyfriend is the luckiest man having a girl with expensive drinking taste! Read my full tasting note here.

To match my 9am Champas I decided to go for the Jean-Pierre Sancho rye, grilled mushrooms, scrambled eggs & ricotta for a decent price of AU$14. My beverage was pricier than my meal – talk about priorities! My food was excellent, the scrambled eggs were divine, not being a huge fan of my eggs this way, I am definitely now a convert! They were buttery yet still eggy and they just melted in the mouth. My only critique of the meal would be that the mushrooms were seriously lacking flavour. They were large and voluptous but tasted like a sponge more than anything.
Jezebelle Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Overall I had an awesome breakfast at Jezebelle, it was a fantastic way to start my weekend. I can’t wait to go back again so I can try the buckwheat pancakes with bacon & maple syrup (AU$14), or the hot smoked salmon cake, poached eggs, wild rocket & avocado (AU$16) or the ultimate Jezebelle brekky: two free range eggs, bacon, tomato salsa, hot smoked salmon potato cake, mushrooms, chipolatas & toasted sourdough (AU$24)… Dammit it, I admit it, I want to try the whole lot!

Check out the Jezebelle Breakfast menu here (please note some items may differ slightly from the in store menu) and if you have any questions feel free to ask them on the Jezebelle Facebook page or website.

Happy Champagne breakfast all!