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  1. Hey Laura,

    Thanks for stopping by! Yes I think I need to re-look at my commenting system, as all comments need to be approved before they are posted but a lot of people think the comment is lost. I’m onto it 🙂

    Yep the entrées are included! You can pick any 2 dishes so you could go for an entrée and a main or entrée and dessert or main and dessert.. etc.

    I hope you enjoy it on Sunday Laura, would love to know your thoughts 🙂 x

  2. Great post Casey! I just had a comment disappear so apologies if you get the same note twice, but I was just wondering whether the entrees are part of the deal (as they are listed on the menu) or whether they were optional? Not that I think you’d need more food after the bread, main and dessert but just wondering! I’m going this Sunday. Cannot wait x

  3. I’m going next Sunday, I cannot wait! Just wondering Casey, the menu lists entrees as well – are they part of the deal or are they optional (not that I think you’d need more food after the bread, main and dessert!). Great review x

  4. I have a feeling they might mix up the menu too April, I’m looking forward to visiting again soon 🙂