The perfect lunch date that won’t break the bank – Bistro Lunch at Must Winebar

Must Winebar Bistro Lunch Special PerthDisclosure: I was gifted a Bistro Lunch for 2 by the team at Must (thank-you!).

I find that all the best lunch deals are on during the week when I’m at work and don’t have the time. That’s what I like about the new lunch deal at Must Winebar on Perth’s Beaufort Street – the Bistro Lunch deal is on 7 days a week!

Must’s Bistro Lunch is one not to be missed, it’s a chance to dine at a fabulous fine-dining restaurant at a fraction of the usual cost. You’ll have your date swooning!

The Bistro Lunch consists of 2 courses and a glass of wine each for 2 people for a tidy sum of $80. There are 3 wines to choose from; a bubbles, a white and a red. Then you can pick your 2 courses based on a selection of 3 entrées, 3 mains and 3 desserts on offer.
Must Winebar Bistro Lunch Special
I don’t know why, but I always go straight to the desserts when I pick up a menu. I’m not normally a big sweet tooth but lately I’ve had some amazing desserts so I’m now a wee bit addicted.

All of the desserts on the Bistro menu sound DIVINE!! I was so tempted to order 2 desserts for my 2 courses… Hmmm maybe next time!! I also have a feeling that they mix up the menu, so don’t be surprised if it differs from the below.

While we were deciding what to order we were brought some bread and butter… The butter was a bit hard which made it hard to spread but the bread was lovely and fresh. As soon as I walked into Must I felt relaxed, it was warm, cozy and had a nice laid back atmosphere. The perfect Sunday!
Must Winebar Perth Bread & Butter
So here is what I ended up ordering for my Bistro lunch:

Wine: Casamatta 2012 ‘Rosso’ Sangiovese blend from Tuscany, Italy
Main: Sirloin Steak, frites, salad and bernaise
Dessert: Warm chocolate moelleux, white chocolate ice-cream

The dessert was definitely my favourite part of the meal, it was everything you expect a moelleux to be; rich in chocolate, soft on the outside and gooey on the inside and that ice-cream… My oh my!

The wine was perfect to warm me up on such a chilly Sunday afternoon, plus it was a decent pour unlike you get in a lot of other fine dining establishments. On the eye it was a velvet red with aromas of bramble fruits and a touch of rosemary. In the mouth it had a pepper bite which went tremendously well with the steak alongside cherry and plum flavours entertaining the palate. It was an uncomplicated wine with light tannins that I enjoyed more so with the meal than drinking by itself.

After finishing off the steak I really regretted not ordering the salmon. The steak was fine but it just didn’t have that wow factor that I usually associate with Must. Though as my friend and myself both ordered the steak, the waiter gave us a wee pot of both the pepper sauce as well as the bernaise, which I thought was a cute touch. I wish I had got the name of our waiter as he was fabulous, efficient, friendly and yep he had an accent (if you’re not familiar with my first post on Must, then I suggest the ladies should check it out – A Taste of France: Wine, Food & Foreign Accents).
Must Winebar Bistro Lunch Special Steak & Frites
Now the dessert. Oh my lordy! My friend went for the Vanilla Creme Brulèe with raspberry Sorbet and a Sesame Snap which looked amazing and she said it tasted just as great (dessert was also the favourite part of her meal too!).
Must Winebar Bistro Lunch Special Creme Brulee
And despite thinking my dessert looked very plain when popped down in front of me it was HEAVEN!!! I could hardly hold a conversation that didn’t consist of all mmmm’s! Anyway I realise this is the 2nd time I’m going on about this dessert in this post, so I’ll stop. Just go and do it people!!

Must Winebar Perth Bistro Lunch Special Chocolate Mouellex
By the time we left I was rammed to the rim. I could have easily sipped my afternoon away at Must however groceries and kitten supplies needed to be bought. Darn it!

I’m looking forward to taking Mr. Spittoon back for a date soon (I may even shout!), and this time the plan of attack with be an entrée to share, a main each and a dessert to share. For more details on this fab deal from the team at Must, check out the Must website or connect with Must on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


7 thoughts on “The perfect lunch date that won’t break the bank – Bistro Lunch at Must Winebar

  1. Hey Laura,

    Thanks for stopping by! Yes I think I need to re-look at my commenting system, as all comments need to be approved before they are posted but a lot of people think the comment is lost. I’m onto it 🙂

    Yep the entrées are included! You can pick any 2 dishes so you could go for an entrée and a main or entrée and dessert or main and dessert.. etc.

    I hope you enjoy it on Sunday Laura, would love to know your thoughts 🙂 x

  2. Great post Casey! I just had a comment disappear so apologies if you get the same note twice, but I was just wondering whether the entrees are part of the deal (as they are listed on the menu) or whether they were optional? Not that I think you’d need more food after the bread, main and dessert but just wondering! I’m going this Sunday. Cannot wait x

  3. I’m going next Sunday, I cannot wait! Just wondering Casey, the menu lists entrees as well – are they part of the deal or are they optional (not that I think you’d need more food after the bread, main and dessert!). Great review x

  4. I have a feeling they might mix up the menu too April, I’m looking forward to visiting again soon 🙂

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