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  1. I’ve heard so much about Swan Valley as of late, and Pinelli is a new name for me. I’d especially love to try their Grenache with the slow roasted kangaroo! Always looking for something a bit out of the ordinary :).

  2. Pinelli looks like a great winery to visit and I love that they have a restaurant. I’ve had kangaroo meat before, but never in a Bolognese sauce and it sounds delicious. Food really can change how the wines taste so I love that you can try them at the restaurant.

  3. First, so jealous that you used to live so close to a winery! While those italian pasta dishes look delish, the arancini and calamari are so stunningly beautiful…I don’t know if I would dare to take a bite! They look like art!

  4. We are so looking forward to our first AdVINEture in Australia over christmas, unfortunately not this region, but we hope to get to Perth in future (and clearly need to pick your brain for recommendations!).