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  1. Fantastic write up. We are heading to Tamar in January so I’ve noted down some of your recommendations.

  2. You will definitely need to add Tassie to your list for your next trip, it’s a spectacular place and they’re producing absolutely fantastic wines!

  3. After our visit to Adelaide a few months ago, we can’t wait to get back and see ALL the wine regions of Australia! While Tasmania wasn’t originally top of the list, we’re hearing so many good things about it, we’ll have to reconsider. Looks absolutely spectacular!

  4. Thanks for stopping by the blog Jennifer – I am so glad you enjoyed the post! It was a massive week, but so much fun and we really want to head back sometime soon to visit the other two thirds of the cellar doors!

    Good luck getting to all those Bordeaux cellar doors 😉

  5. Wow, I’m super impressed you managed to visit nearly a third of the wineries in Tasmania in just a week. No wonder you felt wine-d out by the end of the trip! I’ve lived in Bordeaux for just over three years now and have visited somewhere around 100 wineries – there are over 7500. Tackling what you did in just a week is no easy feat! That takes some serious wine love.

    I’ve always heard great things about the wine and food of Tasmania, so it’s been on my travel bucket list for ages. And your run down the wineries you visited makes me want to go even more!