12 New Year’s Resolutions for Wine Lovers (You’ll Stick To!)

12 New Year's Resolutions for Wine LoversNew Year’s Resolutions don’t all have to be about losing weight and going to the gym. Why not this year make some resolutions that you’ll stick to? Obviously if you’re here reading this, then you love wine so I say that we all make resolutions that we’ll stick to because they’re on a topic we love – wine!

As they say, life’s too short to drink bad wine – so here’s a dozen wine New Year Resolutions to make the year ahead a good one (and maybe a little bit of a tipsy one too!).

1. Say yes to trying new wines

The next time someone offers you a wine you’ve never heard of say yes! Or if you’re offered a wine you tried 2 years ago and didn’t like, say yes to trying it this year.

Our tastes change and develop and sometimes preconceptions get in the way of judgement. So this year I say have an open mind and try everything you’re offered or if you see something new in the bottle shop, give it a go!

If you feel confident enough to take on the above challenge then let me help you! I have teamed up with The Wine Gallery to offer a monthly wine club where I personally pick 3 bottles monthly to be delivered to your door in Australia. Sign up and let me introduce you to new wines, grape varietals and wineries from around the world. Find out more about the TC Wine Club today.

2. Improve your wine knowledge

Stop procrastinating about doing a wine appreciation class or course. This is the year to sign up and learn more about what’s in your glass!

If you’re based in Perth then I’d recommend checking out The School of Wine run by the lovely Suz & Sadie. These ladies are super passionate about our favourite grapey beverage and I have no doubt you’ll have fun and learn a thing or two at the same time.

Alongside the above there are a myriad of wine events you can attend to try new wines and further educate yourself on the world of wine. If you are based in Western Australia you can check out some of the upcoming Perth & WA wine events on my Facebook page.
Coward and Black wines and Margaret River chocolate tasting at Providore in Swan Valley Perth

3. Stop being so judgey aka a wine wanker

This doesn’t apply to everyone, but I just want to put this out there that everyone needs to stop judging people on what they drink. I don’t care if Passion Pop or Penfolds is your favourite tipple of choice – at the end of the day we all have different tastes and we should embrace that. Stop being a wine wanker.

This point comes about as I recently read an article judging frosé drinkers by Rob Broadfield in The West – in my opinion he should keep his thoughts to himself. I am going to drink and make as much Frosé as my palate wants this year thank you very much Mr. Broadfield. I have even come up with what I think is one of the best Frosé recipes!

And please stop judging me for drinking Sauvignon Blanc (you know who you are) – I love it so shut your mouth and stop telling my taste buds what they should and shouldn’t like.

Okay time to end this point before I get even more worked up and write a book 🙂

4. Visit a local winery

This is actually one of my goals for the year! I have set myself the goal of visiting all the Swan Valley wineries in the next 365 days and blogging about them. They are literally on my back doorstep so why shouldn’t I get to know them a little bit better!

Take a leaf from my book and if you live in the vicinity of a wine region, make it your mission this year to get out there and support your local winos. If you live in Western Australia then you have no excuse with the Swan Valley, Perth Hills, Margaret River, Great Southern and a number of other regions literally on your doorstep!
Apricus Hill Wines - Denmark - Great Southern

5. Quality over quantity

Give it a go! Instead of buying 3 bottles for $10 each, try a $30 bottle and see if it agrees with your taste buds. Who knows you may like it! Plus you’ll also reap the rewards of less/better hangovers and fewer calories.

6. Drink local wine

This is pretty self-explanatory but why not focus on supporting your local wine industry this year. The thing with drinking local as well is that typically local produce and dishes go exceptionally well with the wine that is made in that region. Therefore it makes wine and food matching easy!

7. Try more wine

The more you try, the more you understand about what’s in your glass and what you like. As with point 1, be adventurous – try new wines and try as many as you can. If you’re worried about all those alcohol calories then make sure you check out my post on how I drink wine every night and stay healthy.

Or why not make an aim to celebrate all the international wine days of the year!

8. Buy a case of wine & taste it age

It’s so hard to cellar and keep wine, I personally know the struggle. However if you can do it then I would highly suggest to find a wine you like that will develop over the years and then open a bottle every year. Write down each year what it’s like on the eyes, nose and palate and compare your notes over the years. It’s quite interesting to see how a wine can change from year to year.

Alternatively if you lack patience like me you can try to track down a winery were you can buy some of their museum stock and create your own vertical tasting at home.

9. Write tasting notes

There is a reason I write tasting notes – of course there is the fact I want to share with you guys what I am drinking but there is also the fact that it helps me learn. I am a bit like Dory, my memory is pretty shocking so by writing down what I think about a wine, it helps me to remember. It also makes me think more deeply about what I am drinking.

Most of the time when I write a tasting note it’ll also provoke me to research the wine in more depth online and look up the grape varietal in my Wine Folly book thus educating myself further.

10. Discover great food and wine pairings

When you have that perfect wine and food match, there is nothing quite like it. You can’t imagine the wine or food without the other – they are simply made to live happily ever after together. So this year why not explore wine and food matching to find those perfect combinations.

There are plenty of online resources that can lead you in the right direction. I have done a few myself on the blog such as my bacon and wine matching post and my Easter food and wine matching post. If you are part of The TC Wine Club or order through The Wine Gallery you’ll notice with all their wines they send food matching tips with all their deliveries.
The Ultimate Bacon and Wine Pairing - Travelling Corkscrew Wine Blog

11. Drink wines that support a good cause

There are a number of wines out there that support a good cause such as Goodwill Wines. By buying these wines you’re not only stocking up your wine fridge or cupboard but you’re also donating money to a deserving cause. It’s a double whammy of feel good juice!
Goodwill Wine - Charity Wine Labels

12. Drink bubbly even on non-occasions

Bubbly, sparkling wine, champagne, etc should not only be reserved for New Years Eve or special occasions. Today is an occasion and so is tomorrow! Life is definitely too short to not drink your fair share of bubbles. So throw caution to the wind and go and buy a bottle of champagne today and don’t feel like you need an excuse to pop that cork – the fact that you bought a bottle of sparkles is enough of an occasion.

And if you’re brave enough, why not learn how to cut the bottle off the top of a champagne bottle with a sabre or knife!
Champagne Sabre & Cordonui Cava

So there you have it, a decent dozen of New Year’s resolutions to help you kick of the new year in wine-loving style! Let us know what your resolution is in the comments below…

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