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  1. Hi Rags, I know Bad Apples Bar in Applecross has enomatic machines, however, it’s not like a dedicated tasting space as I probably think you are imagining. Your best bet might be heading along to one of the many wine bars or trying to catch one of the wine festivals coming up. When will you be in Perth?

  2. Hi v interesting blog. I’m looking for recommendations on where to go in Perth to sample WA and Margaret river wines. Is there a place which has these vinonanatic machines? Many thanks

  3. Oh that’s a bugger Olga! I think they are the only ones in Perth who offer WSET which is a pity!

  4. Hi Casey, I contacted Full Bottle Education a couple of month ago and they didn’t have any scheduled courses for WSET… I just checked their website – no courses available… I think they were the only one who offered WSET course in Perth…

  5. Hi Olga, thanks for popping by! Full Bottle Education are your best bet for WSET courses, they do up to level 3 🙂

  6. Thank you for a great summary! There are some places in your list that I was not aware of! Unfortunately, I can’t find any school in Perth that offers WSET course. Probably I don’t search hard enough? Thanks, Olga

  7. Great list – went onto the School of Wine website and classes are on hold until 2015 🙁

    Sittella also do appreciation days – they had a sparkling one recently which looked lush!

  8. So glad to hear Martine, I hope this helps you decide the perfect course for you 🙂 x

  9. Thank you so much! This is a great list of options in Perth. The Boy and I love our wine, but feel we definitely need more eduction to know why and what we like. Thanks Casey xx