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  1. Hi Travis, glad you enjoyed the piece and perhaps learnt a thing or two new 🙂 New blog post coming soon!

  2. I enjoyed your article, drinking wine is another thing and knowing how its made is another. Chart helped a lot to better understand. Now I can enjoy more while drinking wine. Looking forward to your next blog.

  3. Thanks Todd, glad you enjoyed it! Yes the infographics show the basic/typical winemaking process. There is so much involved in making wine and with so many creative winemakers out there, they are always pushing the boundaries and conventional ways of making wine. Thanks for sharing the Wine Society’s cheat sheet, I’ll check it out 🙂

  4. Really enjoying your articles Cassey and thanks for making it easier to understand the process of winemaking 🙂

    That infographic diagram caused me some confusion as it implied that white wines only came from the green grapes but as you point out underneath, whites can still made from red grapes as well. Amazing how many people think that the colour of the grape defines the colour.

    I came across this great ‘cheat sheet’ that helps clarify the varieties for beginners like me 🙂