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  1. Haha the pouring sizes were rather generous Martine! Thankfully there were plenty of spittoons to pour the leftovers into. If I hadn’t of tipped some out I would of definitely been stumbling!!

  2. What an awesome lunch. I love the idea of a flight with each course although they would want to be careful with serving sizes as you could get totally plonked by the end.

  3. Haha it was pretty amazing Haley. I’m hoping there are more E&T events to come. They do yoga, wine and chocolate mornings on Sunday which I would love to try at some point.. sounds great!

  4. There was definitely no snobbery at this lunch Mel, it was so much fun. Definitely a cool bunch of people and of course the wine and food were simply exceptional. I wish I could do it all over again!

  5. Looks like a fantastic lunch. The duck looked amazing! It’s so nice when wine matching lunches or dinners are a bit more relaxed and fun. I’m not one for snobbery either.