18 Reasons I love Wine And Food At Yagan Square

Welcome to #CityWine, Perth’s own Winter Wine Festival.

welcome to wine and food events wa blackboardsign

This year, City Wine had a change of location, which I absolutely loved, moving from Perth City Orchard to Yagan Square.

So what were my highlights this year? Well, I had 18 of them, and if you’re in Perth, you too can enjoy City Wine today (8th June 2019), running from 2pm – 9pm.

Have I missed any highlights? Let us know in the comments.

A big thank you to the team at Wine and Food Events for the ticket to attend City Wine. This is one of my favourite events to attend!

1. Margaret River Chardonnay

As a Chardonnay lover, I was in oak and butter heaven.

I can’t visit a wine festival and not try as many Chardonnays as possible, plus when the Travelling Corkscrew is Chardonnays #1 fan, well I just have to make sure I report back. A couple of standouts for me were:

churchview margaret river the bartondale 2017 chardonnay at city wine yagan square perth

Churchview 2017 The Bartondale Chardonnay

jeff holding a bottle of the domaine naturaliste floris 2017 chardonnay at city wine yagan square perth

Domain Naturaliste by Bruce Dukes Floris 2017 Chardonnay

2. Mulled Wine From Fifth Estate Wines

It might be cold outside, but Fifth Estate Wine will keep you warm with their mulled wine, made using their 2011 Shiraz.

small blackboard sign at fifth estate winery selling mulled wine at city wine yagan square perth

bottle of 2011 fifth estate wines shiraz at city wine yagan square perth

3. Got Bubbles?

got bubbles stickers in front of the chalari sparkling pet nat at city wine yagan square perth

City Wine sure does!

bottle of marri wood park sparkling chenin at city wine yagan square perth

Marri Wood Park had a sparkling Chenin Blanc available for tasting.

The back of the label offers some insight into how the wine was made.

“The sparkling is made from Chenin Blanc, Demeter certified Bio-Organic, handpicked, sorted and fermented using traditional methods.

And how cute is the label? This one has been designed by Francesca Gnagnarell of Fragnaga Art.

sparking wine from fifth estate wine at city wine yagan square perth

The Fifth Estate 2016 Sparkling Chardonnay was another favourite of mine.

I love when a winery includes there tasting notes on the table, as I find it really helps to highlight what I think I am smelling or tasting, but perhaps I just can’t quite put my finger on it.

Their tasting note mentions that the “…wine has complex aromas of baked pastry, hazelnut, lanolin, and orange rind”.

I’m thinking that this will be the perfect weekend brunch bubbles!

tomasi sparkling pinot noir wine at city wine yagan square perth

Love sparkling red? Tomasi in Margaret River has you covered with a Sparkling Pinot Noir. Yummy!

3drops blanc de noir at city wine yagan square perth

I had to go into the archives for this photo of the 3Drops Blanc De Noir as I didn’t snap a very good shot last night.

What do you think of the labels? I think they look very elegant!

4. Celebrate #NationalRoséDay

bottle of clown fish wild rose at city wine yagan square perth

Today is #NationalRoséDay.

How will you be celebrating?

Let’s just say I started a little early and got stuck into some rosé last night, including this Wild Rosé from Clown Fish in Margaret River.

3drops 2018 nebbiolo rose at city wine yagan square perth

I was also loving the 2018 Nebbiolo Rosé from 3Drops Winery.

Think strawberries and cherries and everything pink!

5. Get A Little Funky

There were many wineries at City Wine showcasing some wonderful funky wines including:

bottles of 2018 pink zin pet nat zinfandel rose and a bottle of chardonnay

Morlet who had a 2018 Pink Zin Pet Nat made from Zinfandel.

charlari pet nat chenin and merlot at city wine yagan square perth

I also enjoyed a couple of Pet Nats from Chalari Wines, including the Merlot, whose grapes were sourced from the Perth Hills and the Chenin Pet Nat which had its grapes sourced from the Swan Valley.

Bryce and I bought a couple of bottles and I am looking forward to cracking into them soon!

6. Go Big Or Go Home

wine and food events wa glass with rose at city wine yagan square perth

Got to love a bigger glass to enjoy your tastings!

There are two options when buying tickets either the general ticket which includes a smaller souvenir tasting glass or, like me, opt for the Plumm Glass Ticket. It does cost a little more, but I do love taking home one of these baby’s at the end of the night!

Depending on when you buy your ticket, the upgrade to the Plumm Glass Ticket is only $10 more than a general ticket.

You may want to get in early for 2020, as the Plumm glass ticket sold out this year!

7. Be A Little Naughty

bottle of bratty nat pet nat and a glass of wine and food events wa at city wine yagan square perth

Marri Wood Park had a really interesting Pet Nat called Bratty Nat and yes it is named after the winery owners daughter Nat!

What isn’t naughty, is the label which is made from recycled cotton – how cool is that!

8. Hit the dance floor or just chill out

people ripping up the dance floor at city wine yagan square perth

Towards the end of the night, the dance floor was getting pretty packed and everyone was enjoying the tunes and showing off there best moves!

crowd undercover at city wine yagan square perth

But if the dance floor isn’t for you, there are plenty of options to just sit down, chill and enjoy the company of others.

9. Enjoy A Taste, Buy A Glass Or A Bottle!

blackboard sign with grab a glass sppok rock or talisman wine at city wine yagan square perth

There are plenty of wineries, including Talisman Wines to go and visit, plus if you love their wine, make sure to buy a glass or a bottle.

10. Wine Lovers Unite

wine lovers unite at below and above winery at city wine yagan square perth

I love everything about this sign from Below and Above Wines!


11. Meet with award-winning winemakers

Meet two of Australia’s Top 50 Young Guns of Wine at City Wine – Alexi Christidis from Chalari Wines and Genevieve and Rob Mann from Corymbia, who made it into the top 12! An awesome achievement and a great way to put the spotlight on WA wine and our amazing wine regions.

12. Representatives From All Over The State

kia holding a bottle of the below and above chardonnay at city wine yagan square perth

Sample wines from all over our state including the Swan Valley, the Perth Hills, Peel, Geographe, Margaret River, the Great Southern and the Southern Forests.

13. Baby, It’s Cold Outside (But It’s Warm Inside)

warm heater at city wine yagan square perth

To be honest, I walked in with a jacket on and took it off almost straight away.

There is plenty of heating inside and the new look marquee set-up means there is no wind to worry you.

14. Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Have you ever tried a wild fermented wine before?

Churchview offers two – a Viognier and a Chenin Blanc.

bottle of churchview margaret river st johns wild fermented viognier at city wine yagan square perth

If you’re wondering what wild fermented is, I highly recommend checking out Wine Follys wrap up on the topic.

bottle of churchview st johns wild fermented chenin blanc at city wine yagan square perth

Also, if you pop into their winery, you may also be able to try their Wild Fermented Marsanne or Riesling.

15. Are you a winner?

Head on over to the Corymbia stand and take a guess at how many honky nuts are in the vase plus make sure you enter the City Wine comp to top up your cellar for winter! You can pick up an entry form when you get your ticket scanned at the entrance.

corymbia swan valley competition how many nuts in the vase at city wine yagan square perth

16. Barvo for Bravos

Thank you to the Tapas Man for making sure our tummies weren’t grumbling!

bryce holding a container of bravos from tapasman at city wine yagan square perth

We opted for the Bravos, however, there is plenty of food to choose from including croquettes, loaded fries, hot wings, boas, curries, paella, and more.

17. Zinfandel Two Ways – Still or Sparkling?

bottle of mandalay road zinfandel at city wine yagan square perth

It was so good to see Zinfandel made in so many different ways.

Mandalay Winery had a lovely bottle of Zinfandel available for tasting, while the team at Morlet had the Filly’s Folly Sparkling Zinfandel Rosé and a Pink Zin Pet Nat!

18. Festival Prices

bottles of wine from fifth estate wine in harvey at city wine yagan square perth

If you find yourself buying a lot of wine and taking advantage of the specials on the night, like the 3 Shiraz for $45 from Fifth Estate, you can store your wine at the Wine Lockers, found at the entrance into the venue.

Bring on City Wine 2020!

Grab a glass of wine and let me know what you think...

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