Introducing Talisman Wines from the Ferguson Valley

Introducing Talisman Wines from the Ferguson Valley, WAIf you’ve attended any of the CMS Events like UnWined WA or Sunset Wine then you may have bumped into Talisman Wines at some point. Well I want to do a formal introduction to this fab WA brand because really, it’s selfish of me to keep it all to myself :)

Like some of you, I bumped into Talisman Wines at Sunset Wine in 2014. I had just grabbed a bowl full of Jumplings Dumplings and I was on the hunt for a good wine match. Mr. Spittoon is so used to it by now, I say we are going to have a quick tasting at a stall that ends up being a 30 minute tasting and chat. I can’t help myself! I ended up falling in love with the Talisman Rieslings. Notice the ‘s’ on the end back there, well that’s because I would easily drink a bottle or 2 of each without hesitation.

Anywhoo, my lovely guest blogger Jayde and handy helper Trina, bumped into Talisman again at the Sunset Wine 2015 festival and naturally drank as many free tastings as they could. I totally understand why. After chatting with the lovely Anita, they told her about my addiction to Fume Blanc and I am so glad they did as it meant that I was lucky enough to try their Fume, Chardy, Shiraz and Malbec a few weeks ago.

Please note, the bottles for these tasting notes were provided as sample bottles however all reviews are my personal opinion and my fantastic tasting team (who are totally well qualified wine drinkers – they have A LOT of experience!).

Talisman 2011 Malbec

I love the colour of Malbec, I find Aussie Malbecs are a lot lighter than their Argentinean or French counterparts but as we know, it’s what’s on the inside that counts This Malbec is from the Ferguson Valley in WA and is a brand spanking new release from the Talisman Wines team. On the eye it’s got a fairly deep colour for an Aussie Malbec, it’s a lively deep crimson colour. The nose jumps out of the glass, it’s utterly intoxicating – think plums, sweet dark cherries, cedar wood, spice and animal hide. On the palate it packs a bit of a punch and lingers and lingers in the mouth after swallowing. It’s juicy, earthy and has a sweetness of black Jellybeans and a slight tannic grip. A big thanks to that Talisman team for this sample bottle. **All opinions are based on my own quirky taste buds 🙂
Talisman Wines 2011 Malbec - TC Wine Blog

Talisman 2011 Shiraz

Cheers to the Talisman Wines team for providing me this sample bottle. Deep dark garnet colour on the eye, it’s virtually opaque with a sexy deep red hue. On the nose it takes you to heaven, it’s rich, powerful and smells like fruits of the forest – bark, berries, foliage, etc. on the palate it’s juicy with flavours of blueberries, plums and sweet pretty spices. Fruit bomb with a lovely fruity sweetness on the finish. I feel like it’s the red wine you want to be caught drinking just before a big romantic pash AUD $30 via
Talisman Wines 2011 Shiraz - TC Wine Blog

Talisman 2014 ‘Barrique’ Sauvignon Blanc Fume

Knowing how much I adore Fume, the lovely team at Talisman Wines provided me this sample bottle. Thank-you! On the eye it’s a pretty pale dandelion yellow, similar to the yellow hair you get on fresh cobs of corn. On the nose it has delicate aromas of grass, passionfruit, fresh grapes and grapefruit. It has a Lovely juicy palate which covers the entire mouth. Tangy orange, grapefruit and candied lemon flavours with a mellow butteriness in the background. It’s fresh and refreshing. It makes me dream of a bucket of fresh-from-the-sea scallops to shuck and devour while sipping my way through a bottle of this! $25 online at Many thanks to my tasting team S, J & C for your input

Talisman Wines 2014 Fume - TC Wine Blog

Talisman 2012 ‘Gabrielle’ Chardonnay

This is the second Ferguson Valley Chardy I’ve fallen absolutely head over heels for in the last 6 months. If you like them oaky then this one is for you! On the eye it’s a lovely golden-yellow with a slight green hue. Aromas of lime cordial, butter, oak, citrus and charred wood. On the palate it has a voluptuous silky texture with flavours of melon, mandarin, mango and those charred hints are definitely there. It has that nearly oil-like mouth covering feel like you’re eating avocado. Stunning! Big thanks to the team at Talisman Wines who provided me this sample bottle. And many thanks to my tasting team S, J & C for your input
Talisman Wines 2012 Gabrielle Chardonnay - TC Wine Blog

Who are Talisman Wines?

Talisman Wines are a small family owned and operated winery based in the Ferguson Valley of Western Australia. The founders of Talisman, Kim and Jenny Robinson, spent years growing amazing fruit in the Geographe Wine Region and selling it off to other wineries until they decided to create their own label and put all their wine-growing passion behind it. Good decision I say as from what I’ve tried of the range, it’s worth getting your hands on. You can find out more on the Talisman website here.

Grab a glass of wine and let me know what you think...

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