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  1. Hi Stewart, I agree the Paul Nelson Madeleine is a stunner, I have tried a few vintages of this one and I also heard that the next vintage will be coming out in a clear bottle 😉

  2. Hi Casey, I was at the event and agree that the tripe.Iscariot was a really interesting drop. However the wine of the night for me was the Paul Nelson Maison Madeleine from the Ferguson Valley. I don’t know if you managed to taste it, but this wine is complex, savoury and so full of flavour that it proves that rose need not be lolly water. I was so impressed that I ordered a six-bottle case from their website on the Sunday, which arrived (post-free) today! Highly recommended.

  3. Hi Sylvia,

    Thanks for popping by the blog and for your comments! Prosecco and Moscato are made from different grape varieties and you may also find the process by how they are made slightly differs depending on the winery. Prosecco is a favourite of mine as it’s super affordable (you can get them under $15) and more on the drier side compared to Moscato which tends to be sweeter. At the end of the day by being open to trying new things you’ll find out what you like 🙂 I haven’t drunk a lot of cask wine in the recent years, but I am sure there are some decent ones out there!

    Have a fab Christmas and New Year too 🙂

  4. Hi, loved your blog on the Rose` event…..lucky you! I wanted to ask a question please….what is the difference between Prosecco & Moscato Rose` please? BTW, I also loved Wine Folly, but like you wanted to know more about Aussie wines, where to buy & prices etc….
    I am not a big wine drinker, being on a pension, but had been seeing these two & wondered what was the difference…I don’t like too sweet a wine, but an ‘in between’ one.
    My budget is up to $15…….Also what is your take on a cask wine? I had a really nice Banrock Station cask white bought for me last Xmas….can’t remember the type, but it was very nice & refreshing with a meal….& very convenient in the fridge!
    Thanks very much for your Blog, just what I needed to find…
    Have a lovely Christmas& a Happy Boozy New Year!
    Much Love & Blessings
    Sylvia Melaynia x