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  1. Hey Casey, You should check out End2End Festival in the Hunter Valley September! It is in it’s second year and so cool!

  2. Hey Steve, please let me know what festivals I might be missing. I know a number of festivals haven’t released their dates yet, so I haven’t included these in case they don’t run this year. In regards to the advertising on my blog, you won’t find transparency like I display here, on many other websites around the web. Advertising on blogs and websites is everywhere but no one actually writes they get paid for them in plain English. I fully disclose so my readers can choose whether to click on the ads or not, it’s overly professional. I appreciate you taking the time to share your opinion and if you have any further concerns, please contact me via [email protected] Cheers!

  3. I think you are missing a lot of festivals, you need to do more research. I also find the reference to getting a commission from Dan Murphy’s purchases very bizarre and i dont think that is really very correct or professional.. anyway just my opinion. BTW been in the wine industry 30 years..