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  1. Hi Bjorn/Brooke, thanks for stopping by 🙂 Blogging and working with brands is a fairly new concept, so I agree that there are some blurred lines. However I believe if you fully disclose when you receive something free of charge you are keeping your professional integrity. Alongside making sure my readers are well informed, I also follow Google’s guidelines with disclosing what is gifted/free as well as using no follow links. As this blog is purely my hobby (I have a full-time paid job) everything I write on this blog is 100% my opinion. I write openly and honestly and I write or mention brands because I would endorse them personally. I hope this helps you understand my take on wine blogging and disclosure, any further questions please feel free to flick me an email – [email protected]

  2. Thankyou Casey for well presented post….but…..may there be a conflict of interest when you accept these freebies be they lunch,dinner or free samples… you damage your professional integrity and more importantly your profile.Having been a wine journalist I know how tempting it is but I found my independence was being sacrificed.